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Do you love your coffee machine? Which one do you have?

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MarshaBrady Sun 16-Sep-12 10:15:48

We are slowly replacing applicances / kitchen stuff for better things.

No looking for a coffee machine. One that makes really frothy espresso, even without milk. The foam is from the coffee pressure.


MarshaBrady Sun 16-Sep-12 10:29:53

I was thinking dualit but the reviews are dire.

Gaggia but not keen on the shape. (could get over it)

KitchenAid jump in price but worth it?

MyNeighbourIsStrange Sun 16-Sep-12 10:31:55

I love the taste more than texture, marking my place.

sleepingbunnies Sun 16-Sep-12 10:32:03

We have a tassimio! My OH loves his coffee so a couple of people
Clubbed together to buy him one for his birthday. Think it was
About £90

fatbottomedmavis Sun 16-Sep-12 10:40:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsMangoBiscuit Sun 16-Sep-12 10:47:52

We have this. I love it! We use lavazza red with it. I actually prefer the coffee to anything from costa, starbucks etc, very smooth and rich. Easy to clean, easy to use. Only downside is the price.

habbibu Sun 16-Sep-12 10:54:00

Gaggia classic with, strangely enough, m&s coffee - finer grind than lavazza but cheaper than illy.

NeilsBoar Sun 16-Sep-12 11:02:33

Have a Delonghi ESAM 4200 at the office and at home; office one has made almost 10 thousand coffees over 3 years with only two repairs - first one under warranty (and I suspect it was something 'foreign' in a bag of coffee beans that jammed the grinder rather than a 'real' fault), second cost me £17 for the part (fitted it myself). The one at home probably only does 10 coffees a week so has had much less use and has not had any problems so far.

The coffees are not quite as good as when I ground the beans in a Gaggia MDF and used a Gaggia Baby to make them, but there is very little in it. The convenience of bean to cup is amazing though...

Think I responded the same to another thread recently (could have been yours, mavis).

pengymum Sun 16-Sep-12 11:03:20

I would recommend the delonghi Magnifica as it has the same mechanism as the more expensive bean to cup delonghi machines and imho the steam nozzle gives you better control over milk frothing. You can do more milk if doing several cups and all can be served together rather than sequentially. Also easier to clean.
Was down to £189 on Amazon not too long ago!

MarshaBrady Sun 16-Sep-12 12:26:57

Great, great. Thanks for suggestions.

Love the bean to coffee talk, I hadn't thought of that.

It's so important isn't it, a coffee in the morning is one of life's best things. It has to be very good.

fatbottomedmavis Sun 16-Sep-12 13:34:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PigletJohn Sun 16-Sep-12 13:55:57

I've had shedfuls of them, and am annoyed that they all make such small amounts. I like a mugful, almost none will make more than two teeny espresso cups, and the coffee grounds holder is quite small so you can't just make it twice as strong. The aluminium Italian stovetop ones make a fair amount, and I once had an electric version which my old mum admired, so I lent it to her and she sent it to a charity shop angry

I keep going back to my old German Krupps which will make a jugful and has a huge coffee holder. Sadly the crema is not as good as on the newer machines.

MarshaBrady Sun 16-Sep-12 14:24:40

Good work fatbottomedmavis! Yes the next one has to be The One.

I wonder if Jura is worth it.

I'm having appliance brand creep again, start low, think oh just a bit more and end up higher.

German Krups sounds interesting. Going to have a look, no reviews on some of them on John Lewis. I like a good review.

fatbottomedmavis Sun 16-Sep-12 15:10:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

invicta Sun 16-Sep-12 15:13:54

Having gone through Tallsmo (makes small cups of coffee) and Dolce Gusto ( pods became expensive), we have a Dualit machine and love it. We also use it to make hot chocolate.

Paradisefound Sun 16-Sep-12 19:37:20

Nespresso Citiz and milk by magimix! See amazon for hundreds of reviews. Excellent delivery and they recycle the capsules. Collect recyclables when they deliver. Doesn't take up much space, good frothy cappuccino.

BananaPie Sun 16-Sep-12 19:38:21

The francisfrancis - makes excellent coffee and can't beat it for stylishness!

RebeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 16-Sep-12 19:39:44

Marking my place as we are looking for one too.

MarshaBrady Sun 16-Sep-12 19:48:53

Ooh MNHQ on one of my threads <happy>

We need to work out the ultimate coffee machine. With really good coffee froth.

Thanks for more suggestions, am going to have to get into Amazon for the reviews, they probably have loads.

AdoraBell Sun 16-Sep-12 21:23:36

I do, but I hardly use it. It's a Siegen and I can't remember the name of model, sorry.

MarshaBrady Mon 17-Sep-12 12:13:32

One last bump for some one to say I had the best creamy strong smooth espresso this morning and I made it with..

Then I'm choosing one from here and ordering. Will report back on quality of coffee.

smoothieooo Mon 17-Sep-12 12:20:15

Bosch Tassimo. It's fabulous and has saved me a fortune (I would otherwise buy a coffee every day for my commute). I've tried various different coffee discs but my current preference is for the Carte Noire Crema Intenso. The Costa range is pretty good too. Best Xmas pressie from STBEx-H grin

MarshaBrady Mon 17-Sep-12 12:22:37

Lol good one smoothie grin

Freddiesmother Mon 17-Sep-12 19:37:47

Nespresso! It's so easy and perfect creamy espresso every single time. Have to buy the pods online which is a bit of a pain but the quality of the coffee makes up for it.

Freddiesmother Mon 17-Sep-12 19:38:04

Nespresso! It's so easy and perfect creamy espresso every single time. Have to buy the pods online which is a bit of a pain but the quality of the coffee makes up for it.

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