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It's September so the Fledgings Fly, as we wave our clutter bye bye

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Welcome to the ongoing Fledgling Flyers thread for September, thanks to Bitchy who kept us posted through August.

<cuts and pastes>

Right, most of you should know how this works. It's a three pronged attack.
Phase one: The babysteps master these and you will be working like clockwork.
Phase two: Adding in Decluttering this will help you keep on top of the amount of stuff contributing to CHAOS.
Phase three: Missions Targeted activities to keep the chaos at bay and starting the deep cleaning.

The golden duster of Flying is stage 4: deep cleaning. This is for most me anyway, somewhat unrealistic and in theory you don't need to worry about it until you have finished decluttering that's never then. Just do it if you want to.

Now for those of you who are completely lost, lets rewind a bit.
CHAOS: Can't have anyone over syndrome. We've all been there

The fly lady approach works by breaking the house down into tiny activities which you do repeatedly until they become habit and don't feel like chores any more. The house is split into zones, each zone is tackled for a week before moving on and comes round again at the start of the next month.

There are lots of experienced Fledglings on here, hence lots of advice and support and chat about anything except housework some days. the main thing is that you can post any time you like even if you haven't lifted a finger around the house that day because with Flylady you just pick up again the next day and off you go again.

We advise against signing up for Flylady emails as they can lead to a great deal of clutter in the Inbox, each days steps will be posted on this thread to save you having to find them yourself.

In the meantime here is a link to the Flylady website for anyone who would like a browse.

Getting started Remember - don't subscribe to the emails!

strictlycaballine Mon 01-Oct-12 21:15:42

[Waves to Swan]

New thread here

Swan - we've moved to the Oct thread. Glad you're feeling a bit better now.

swanthingafteranother Mon 01-Oct-12 14:18:45

nothing [mournful echo of whoknows as I've been laid up with a migraine all Sunday and this morning] Okay I sorted out ds's room.

feeling a bit better now, having taken a rainy visit to Senco of ds1's school to talk about ds2. He was quite helpful and said they could offer ds2 a day or 3 in school this term with year 7's to see how he coped, with a TA on hand! No-one else has offered that, it seems a very good idea, if slightly alarming! I could base my decision on what school to put first choice, on how ds2 reacted to the school environment.

DH has been slaving away dealing with children all weekend, loads of homework, twins a handful, so much washing too...Not used to migraines so thought it was a bug, next time I shoud be able to take a tablet I hope.

Choir in Westminster Cathedral went well, dh impressed! A long day though, and it transpired that ds1 choir practice on Friday had prevented him understanding anything about Charles I in history, thus making causes of Civil war inpenetrable. Ds still seems to be in some confusion about the religion of most of the monarchs of this period confused

BitchyDragons Sun 30-Sep-12 23:23:02

They got funding for the sledges locally and have just built a team with it. It depends on your local one. Silverblades and planet Ice both seem to be promoting the sport. Not sure about council/other chains though. If you are happy to let me know (pm if you like) which is your local rink I can as some questions. I know people. And if they don't know the answer they will know who to ask.

Jamillalliamilli Sun 30-Sep-12 22:52:54


Jamillalliamilli Sun 30-Sep-12 22:51:48

Wow Bitchy thanks, that looks fascinating! I did see Ade Adeptin trialling something less sporty but quite similar years ago, (just skating, not playing) but requests to be even allowed on the ice if I could get hold of one at our local rink (in a closed session) let alone them actually acquiring one, fell on deaf ears. They say insurance issue and I could only do it without other skaters present and that wouldn't be affordable, yet they insist I must pay as a spectator when d/s skates, because I am 'a potential ice user' as should I wish to pay extra, I'm allowed to be wheeled round the ice in my wheelchair, which they consider to be 'disabled skating'. (sorry but, oh Whoopee do!)

Wonders, not for the first time, how hard it would be to build one, it would be a lot harder to say no if I actually had one. grin

Dizzy, the best of luck!

dizzyday07 Sun 30-Sep-12 22:35:45

Today's TaDa list

* Empty D/W
* Finished cleaning up DH's cooking carnage (sister left late last night so went to bed with unshined sink)
* 2 x Washing loads in, out and hung to dry
* Weekly shirt and school uniform ironing done - plus my tops (hurrah!)
* Cleaned up kitchen from tonight's dinner

Just - I've had him 12+ years already and made minimal headway but I think now that I'm trying to make an effort that things I shut my eyes to before are grating on me now. At one time I told him I would throw out every tie I found lying around and then proceeded to hide them in a bag instead. It was only when he had run out of one to wear he asked where they were. I told him they were in the bin and his answer was - well I'll just go buy some more then!!

I am DETERIMINED that I WILL make the effort, both in the house and personally to change things. See you all on the new thread x

BitchyDragons Sun 30-Sep-12 19:49:50

Just - Sledge hockey. It's epic to watch. Upper body strength though. getting much bigger in uk.

Engelsemama Sun 30-Sep-12 19:19:59

Oops! I meant October thread just <frazzled mum emoticon>

Jamillalliamilli Sun 30-Sep-12 19:04:51

Bitchy thought it might be. grin Excellent! (I know I'll probably never get to use them again, but have kept my hockeys in eternal hope. smile)

MsOnatopp Sun 30-Sep-12 18:27:07

Thanks whoknows for links and Toffee too!

PMPY - Oh dear I'm sorry about the washing machine flood. Awful lot of floods going on on this thread sad

Just I'm glad people have managed to cheer you up even slightly.

Sorry you are busy MC, I know what you mean about parties. It's lovely to see your kids having a social life but slightly depressing seeing yours slip away isn't it.

Good luck with Big Kitchen Clean Up dizzay and visitor house tidy Bitchy

Glad you will get a 'proper' Christmas this year Engels grin

I'm feeling utterly smug about Christmas actually. I have been sorting budget since July, have a couple of gift ideas or plans, and have bought some decorations ready.

It's DS's birthday this week so I will be making a cake tonight of his fav superhero smile

Bath time clear house
Make cake

BitchyDragons Sun 30-Sep-12 17:43:43

grin Just. Madwoman and I are talking blades.

I have retaped 3 lots of sticks. Which is exciting as we only have 2 sticks. Ds had decided extra training was needed and disappeared off into the garden. It has helped his mood. He has fresh hot out of the oven bread for tea and he is curled up in bed reading.

Jamillalliamilli Sun 30-Sep-12 17:11:42

Adds make everyone let me watch Downton Abbey as spirit renewing! excuse grin

Jamillalliamilli Sun 30-Sep-12 16:48:27

Thank you all for the sympathy and hugs. I ended up wet, filthy, low, and exhausted last night, and got back to temp accom, internet and hot water, read people’s kind words, and felt a lot less low. thanks

Still to do
Emails re further maths site I’m so struggling costs, and still missing book.
Check pretend to fully understand psychology and statistics assignment--
New h/e file - backdated to Thurs.
Find Christmas file (actually own one of these thanks to Lakeland’s summer sale!)
Washing, drying
Try digging up some spuds from unflooded bit of patch.
Repair d/s shoes
Patch jeans.
Find portable speakers for mon.

Whoknows you’re very kind, but just as well you couldn’t see or hear me on Thursday. It was beyond self-pitying whinging! blush I’ve since been to disabled swim (hot shower!) and been quietly reminded about quality of life by a group of severely disabled and very cuddly children.
Thanks for well timed Christmas control journal. very much need to think about Christmas while deciding what to do about all this. (They’re talking about structural surveys and digging below floors in Nov!)
Hope you can cope with enforced idleness. (a lot of mending tends to get done when I’m laid up)

Blue, it’s all relative, I’ve just seen what’s happened to those poor people in Andalusia sad and my woes feels very trivial, but it doesn't stop anyone’s problems, at any level, existing.

Madwoman I had to laugh at Trazzletoes “Hang on a cotton-picking minute... You had glass in your foot for MORE THAN 3 weeks?! Talk about anti-procrastination day” grin Glad for you it’s out, but think it may go down in communal flying memory for anti-procrastination day, along with Toffee’s knob polishing. smile
I don’t have (can’t get) insurance, so it’s down to what the various builders do and don’t have and proving liability. At the moment the only agreement’s they will cover some storage costs of damaged stuff while decisions are made as my lungs aren’t coping with mouldy damp stuff and if they’re liable they sensibly agree that preventing a ‘health damaged’ claim is in all our interests.
Can I be nosey and ask Bitchy and yourself, are you talking about wheels or blades please?

Bitchy hoping you can breathe better.

PMPY I’m actually in London but behind a reservoir and affected by an underground river. It’s ridiculous because we’re on a hill, but building works has diverted the flow, and the flood plains been built on diverting any water from there too. Only three houses are affected but we have our own disaster zone while everyone else carry’s on unaffected wondering what all the fuss is about (national grid closed the road and you’d think we personally demanded it!)
I’m so sorry about your floor and washer dryer, mine are dead from the first mini flood (just kitchen and lean to then) ages back, but I do have access to a launderette. Sympathies. 17 loads a week? shock Yikes!

Engels I think the de cluttering is the most time consuming part. Thanks for the hug, but especially the idea of wine! Are you missing a month or just very keen to get to Christmas? (“see you on November thread”?)

Ellie Brilliant news about your CM. smile The more you’ve lost, the more precious what you have, is.

Swan Yes it’s DS as the main one, (there’s some DGD, and DGS, h/e but only part time from me) erm, he doesn’t see it as reliable, because he can’t imagine an unreliable mum. Something about ASD meets over compensating for one’s own childhood. Chuckling at your ‘abominable monk’ description. smile Was amazed at how angelic d/s looked wearing a surplus, just before he turned with his great long arm out, and took out his end of the row of them.
Good luck with DH making the brave transition to s/e. Recognising it brings it’s own issues should make it a lot easier.

MrsOnatop Am so impressed with your paperwork sorting.

Dizzy ( I don’t have an o/h any more but know the battle.) The way I look at it is you’re probably trying to change 25/35 plus years of conditioning so it’s going to take calm consistent ‘retraining’ to get anywhere. Coming at it from a different angle, I think many men don’t make the links between cause and effect well, and feel defensive when it’s spotlighted, along with defining themselves through their work and feeling very torn about responsibility. I’d refuse to be confrontational and just keep pointing out simple solutions that don’t ‘cost’. I’d definitely gift him the stool just to negate the ‘official’ reason for not being able to use it.

Toffee thanks for the coffee and the Christmas countdown, it’s going to really help me not go putting the wrong things ‘out of harm’s way’ right now, and then create more chaos tearing everything apart in Nov. Hope you're making progress with recovering.

makingchanges Oh yes, some of us can certainly chat! grin Enjoy DD’s social life while it’s still in the easy party stages, dreaded boyfriends arrive fast enough.

Waves apologetically to everyone I've missed.

Makingchanges Sun 30-Sep-12 15:19:36

Wow you guys can talk. Finally found some time to catch up with you and its taken me all morning (And that was only for the last few days!!)


Whoknows glad op went well adn you are taking it easy. I always find it interesting when we are out of action at how DH find it.
Swan DH resigning and setting up his own business sounds interesting and exciting.
Ellie great news about your childminder. Sounds like it was a much wanted baby.
Madwoman ouch at glass. Bet you are really glad that has come out.
Justgetting sorry to hear about flood again. Hope you can get it sorted out again and that it does happen again for a long, long time.
Pushme sorry to hear about your washing machine. I am like you and my washing machine is on every day. I hope you find a way to manage until you get a new one and it doesn't cost you too much.
Bitchy hope your list is completed soon

Well life is mad at the moment but nothing too difficult or concerning, just busy. I don't know whether I am coming or going. We are off to yet another party of DD. At the moment I feel like my life revolves around my daughters social life and planning around DH being away almost every week at least in parts. I'm hoping life will slow down enough to get sorted for christmas and DH and DDs birthdays which are fast approaching.

Engelsemama Sun 30-Sep-12 13:13:54

just you poor thing. I can't imagine how heartbreaking it must be to be flooded yet again sad Sending you a big hug (and even bigger bottle of wine).

pmpy poor you too sad Is there anyone (sympathetic friends/family) who can help you out until you get a new one?

Christmas flylady? Am in heaven. First year having Christmas at home (in NL) with DS and am determined that it will be awesome. DH has been told that he WILL be pulling crackers and eating a delicious roast dinner with all the yummy stuff that goes with it. (Dutch people are weird....Christmas is just another bank holiday and even though they do spend it with family there's no traditional Christmas dinner shock Time to educate them grin ).

Have been a busy bee today...

Ta da

Peach and raspberry slice made and in oven
hoovered upstairs
3 loads of washing finally away (have been sitting in hall for a WEEK!)
One load of washing on
Changed beds
emptied all bins upstairs
washing-up done
ordered DS a birthday T-shirt
Investigated birthday cakes - I need to get organised!

To do
Book ferries
Book hotel for post Christmas family break in UK
bag up teen fiction books to take to school
order something for Sister's birthday (am thinking something from Send a thought)
write a shopping list for tomorrow's trip to town
empty paper recycling basket
eat peach and raspberry slice (though not all of it)
go for a run
wrap up DS's birthday present (winter coat)
send e-vites for DS's birthday
Declutter lounge table (hotspot!)
Pay credit card

so many other things should be on that list!

See you all on the November thread <waves to one and all>

ToffeeWhirl Sun 30-Sep-12 12:57:09

Flylady Christmas countdown here

<blows dust off>

ToffeeWhirl Sun 30-Sep-12 12:47:55

PMPY - you're right, there were Christmas babysteps, but you have to subscribe to Flylady to receive them. One year, a kind Mumsnetter posted them for us. There should be a thread on it gathering dust somewhere...

ToffeeWhirl Sun 30-Sep-12 12:46:09

PMPY - oh no! <hands over brew>

WhoKnows - thanks for the links. Good to hear you are taking it easy and that Dh is finding out how much you do normally!

pushmepullyou Sun 30-Sep-12 12:29:43

Oops, cross post with just about everyone blush

Bit behind today as the washing machine has flooded the kitchen (again!). It's all gone underneath the new(ish) floor, which is knackered now and to buy a ew washer dryer that is likely to be OK is going to cost ££££ that we really don't have at the moment. Plus the model I want will take 2-4 weeks to deliver. We do 17 loads per week and there is no laundrette for over 10 miles. Only a teeny tiny problem in the grand scheme of things, butI could honestly cry

Glad I can do something useful! I can only do one link at a time as I can only use my phone at the moment. A laptop is too heavy for me to move even on and off my lap in bed and although I can walk about ok around the house I can't sit on an upright chair at all to use the desktop. I'm not allowed to lift anything heavier than about a pound for a couple of weeks, can only open drawers etc if completely free running, no tugging, no squatting, I can't even pull the curtains. Not in any pain though. DH is starting to appreciate what I usually do I think (he is supervising homework ha ha).

pushmepullyou Sun 30-Sep-12 12:26:54

Um, afternoon everyone. Todays' babystep is here.

I thought I'd be all helpful and link to the christmas plan, but I can't find it for some reason. There is cruising through the holidays, which has links to a christmas control journal and other things, but I'm sure I remember specific Christmas babysteps last year. Might have been a dream i had once....

We'll all be over on the new thread tomorrow, but in the meantime enjoy renewing your spirits grin

Christmas Control Journal

October thread

BitchyDragons Sun 30-Sep-12 12:00:25

whoknows if youare bored and have 5mins could you linky the fly christmas plan? It's on my to do list but everytime I look at my list it balloons and I am at the point of running away from it. It's feeling a bit out of control atm. CHAOS is entrenched here. Not helped by meltdown mode from ds.

<runs around chasing own tail>

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