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It's September so the Fledgings Fly, as we wave our clutter bye bye

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Welcome to the ongoing Fledgling Flyers thread for September, thanks to Bitchy who kept us posted through August.

<cuts and pastes>

Right, most of you should know how this works. It's a three pronged attack.
Phase one: The babysteps master these and you will be working like clockwork.
Phase two: Adding in Decluttering this will help you keep on top of the amount of stuff contributing to CHAOS.
Phase three: Missions Targeted activities to keep the chaos at bay and starting the deep cleaning.

The golden duster of Flying is stage 4: deep cleaning. This is for most me anyway, somewhat unrealistic and in theory you don't need to worry about it until you have finished decluttering that's never then. Just do it if you want to.

Now for those of you who are completely lost, lets rewind a bit.
CHAOS: Can't have anyone over syndrome. We've all been there

The fly lady approach works by breaking the house down into tiny activities which you do repeatedly until they become habit and don't feel like chores any more. The house is split into zones, each zone is tackled for a week before moving on and comes round again at the start of the next month.

There are lots of experienced Fledglings on here, hence lots of advice and support and chat about anything except housework some days. the main thing is that you can post any time you like even if you haven't lifted a finger around the house that day because with Flylady you just pick up again the next day and off you go again.

We advise against signing up for Flylady emails as they can lead to a great deal of clutter in the Inbox, each days steps will be posted on this thread to save you having to find them yourself.

In the meantime here is a link to the Flylady website for anyone who would like a browse.

Getting started Remember - don't subscribe to the emails!

laurenamium Sat 01-Sep-12 11:55:30

Right after high dusting and dog walking I have a more detailed list for my mums...

To do:
high dust
Sweep floors
Wash floors
Dust- everywhere
Hoover rugs
Hoover stairs
Shower dogs
Clean shower
Scrub bathroom floors
Wash towels
Wash dog beds- in progress
Wash door mats
Clean kitchen counter tops
Clean sofas

I think that's it hmm I don't envy those of you with bigger houses! All these rooms!! I can't wait to be back in my tiny bungalow with less pets and clutter where it's easy to keep clean!

BitchyDragons Sat 01-Sep-12 11:59:09

You're fine feetheart.
I am not even out of bed yet. And I will make no appologies for the fact that if I hadn't forgotten to reset my alarm I would still be asleep. Had an, err, <thinks> intersting night last night. It got a bit late.

Was supposed to be doing stuff before going out later. But over did it yesterday and lungs hurt. Probably not helped by the fact that I forget my asthma meds too. blush

Ta Da
sort out travel plans for later
catch up with a good friend via fb
consider moving

To do:
up and breakfast
hover and clean out car
off out to show.

CarpeJugulum Sat 01-Sep-12 13:58:48


DH is outside doing "man" stuff with the car roofbox (ready for holidays).
DS is asleep.
I'm panicking slightly as I have nothing organised for the holiday barring paperwork (all in one file so easy), tickets and some cash.

I need to gut the house before leaving as a friend is having a key - and she has a cleaner! So must ensure house is presentable; this will also mean coming back to a clean house.

Which reminds me! A straw poll! Can I ask your opinions on leaving washing (in the washing basket!) before going away? I will have done most washing before leaving; some probably hanging on a rail to dry (acceptable I think!) but DH normally comes home from work, changes and then we leave. I would normally run his work stuff through on a quick wash, but to be honest, I'm thinking that it's a shirt and trousers, so can just get left as we'd like to get away quickly so DS is in bed at a reasonable time.

Thoughts? Do people do this? My mum was always a bit pernickety about stuff like this so leaving washing is (in my mind) just wrong, but then a lot of my obsessive traits aren't normal, so any help would be nice! thanks

We leave a small amount of washing if needs be Carpe, I'm too mean to put it on for a few things, so provided it is nothing stinky or damp them I think it's ok.

PositiveAttitude Sat 01-Sep-12 14:37:18

Toffee very pleased to hear you are finally feeling better. sad about the dog. Maybe you could re-think about getting one yourself, although was that what started all your illness with the chest?

Carpe Personally, I would do all the washing, but in your circumstance I would be very temped to fold them up and put them on a chair in the bedroom until I came home. (I would be a bit pinickity about leaving them in the wash basket, but that is probably just me being a little weird! hmm )

A very productive morning here before it got too hot. I managed to clean the 3 shower rooms and toilets, sweep all the floors, and have a good tidy of the "family area" dumping area Then out to our work colleagues for lunch, although DH later said he thought they were asking lots of pointed questions about how we were settling etc and he thought it was more of a formal get together. When he said that, I realised had been totally honest and said exactly what I thought, whereas if i had realised before i opened my mouth I probably would have watered down some of what I said. blush
Then out to the waterfront tonight. DD4 and Ds had a boat trip to go on, so DH and I went for a lovely meal alone - first time we have been alone since we have been here! Massive thunder storm and constant lightning. I am sort of getting used to it more now, so I don't freeze in terror anymore. wink Now home and just getting ready for an early cosy night. Still raining, but I think the thunder has passed.

We have a Korean girl staying with us and she went out this morning. She has just phoned me to say she is lost. She doesn't speak very good English and no Khmer. Her driver speaks no English and no Korean. So I have just tried to speak in my very limited Khmer to explain where we live. Oh heck. It would be complicated to explain in English and the Cambodians have this absolutely ridiculous weird thing where house numbers mean nothing. Number 1 is not followed by number 2, or even 3. So you can have number 15 next to number 492! You can have a few houses on the same street with the same number, if you like a number, that is what you number your house!! I think I might need to venture out in the pitch black, no lights anywhere, in the pouring rain and try and find a lost Korean girl with a confused driver.

Makingchanges Sat 01-Sep-12 14:45:20

Carpe my DH is obsessive about cleaning before we go opn holiday (Only time he does obsess about this) but my point was proved when it took us until yesterday to clear away all the stuff we brought home from holiday. (I see no point in being soo obsessive as as soon as you walk through the door and dump things its spoilt) so I would be happy to leave a few things to wash rather than putting on a small load (I may have low standards though)

OK Hi guys, as it is the first of the month I am going to start as I mean to go on. I have already returned something that I bought yesterday(Usually I would just leave it until it was too late to return) and been to DDs dance class and done food shopping and lunch.

To Do

- At least 3 loads of washing
- Devise routine to get DD to clean up more after herself - Maybe some kind of chart.
- Wash pots and clean kitchen
- contact sister re visit.
- hoover thoughout downstairs
- declutter paperwork from kitchen side and end settee
- declutter computer table
- clear bedside table

toffee glad you are feeling better and ahh about Dog, its a pity it has to leave.

bitchy enjoy your show.

Waves to everyone else. DD is causing mayhem in lounge I'd better go and sort it out.

While I don't mind leaving a little washing, it does bug me that DH doesn't see anything wrong with going away for the weekend leaving dirty dishes in the DW and having not emptied the bin, both of which are pretty gross to my mind.

I'm so tired. DS is tired out too, he had a football match this morning on top of his very late night. Back later.

Makingchanges Sat 01-Sep-12 14:55:45

Even I would draw the line at that Whoknows but DH cleans the house cleaner before we go on holiday that any other time in the year. Whyb can't he do that normally???? confused

Jamillalliamilli Sat 01-Sep-12 15:01:37

Bitchy thanks thank you for August, hope your lungs hurt less soon, Whoknows thanks thank you for stepping up and PMPU thanks for covering/backing up (if I have that right)

Have some very good news from yesterday that’s left me running round in circles. The last workmen guarantee to be leaving on Monday and I can start assessing the situation and damage. Have already been warned that insurance claim may be torturous as one contractor and one sub-contractor have filed for bankruptcy and proving who has been responsible for what damage is going to be quite hard, but I just want control of our lives back, whatever state they’re in.

This weekend is shiny sink and lots of working out what/prep for Monday and trying to get as many other things out of the way as possible, (trying not to blow a blood vessel over ATOS sponsoring the paralympics) and disabled swimming later.

Toffee, glad you’re better, sorry about the dog. (have a very dog shaped hole in my heart) re LEA I assume you want their visit, but don’t forget if need be you can always switch it to library café etc.

Carpe I am in awe of you that this seems to be the worst thing friend would be seeing, (this probably makes me Queen of slatterns!) so my view of ‘what kind of friend would either look or judge’, may not mean much, but it wouldn’t occur to me to notice or think about a friends washing basket when plant watering/house sitting etc.

P/A brilliant snapshots of a different world again. I have visions of you walking the streets holding a union jack up hopefully at taxis.

MakingChanges well done on the swift return. (must master that)

Jamillalliamilli Sat 01-Sep-12 15:04:23

No, bins, food, and washing up, no question. But washing is just going to patiently wait for your return surely?

NickNacks Sat 01-Sep-12 16:23:22

Busy day for me today. It's DD 's birthday tomorrow (she'll be 2) so present shopping, cake baking and house cleanibg has gone on in preparation. We're very lucky we both have lots of family local so everyone likes to pop in and see the birthday person. smile

Tomorrow will also be a bit manic for me tomorrow and I'm back at work on Monday after a week off so feeling overwhelmed with To Do lists at the moment.

Rest of today I need to

Clean bathroom (will do whilst dc in the bath )
Mop kitchen
Evening routine
Write cards
Wrap presents
Dust sitting room
Thorough downstairs Hoover
Tidy our room
Clean clothes away

Be back later!

Brices Sat 01-Sep-12 17:52:09

I was doing so well with my list... Looking upwards attaching ceiling lampshade looked down and DD 18m had smeared metanium all over carpet! Have attacked it with washing up liquid scrubbing away but you can still tell. Hopefully supermarket will sell some miracle carpet stain cleaner

NickNacks Sat 01-Sep-12 17:57:50

Ah Metanium is the work of the devil! We've lost several items of clothing thanks to it.

1001 Troubleshooter is the best carpet cleaner I have tried Brices (I think that's what it's called yellow and blue packaging)

CarpeJugulum Sat 01-Sep-12 20:38:15

Baby wipes. Johnsons Aloe Vera variety.

Then vanish carpet spray.

Repeat ad nauseum for a few days.

Takes it right out.

<rues having an allergic-to-Sudocrem DS>

OK, I can hardly keep my eyes open tonight, although I haven't really done a lot today.

I'd just like to say Welcome to all the newcomers and returners, feel free to ask if you aren't sure what Flylady or the rest of us are talking about, no question is too trivial for this thread!

I have scanned through the thread but haven't got any energy for chat tonight, so I'm going to go straight to links for Sunday.

Sunday 2nd Sept

Today's babystep is Get dressed!

Flylady instructs us to get dressed to lace-up shoes as soon as we get up, so we are ready to get going with everything else. Now, I may have been on this thread for 3 years but I am still not doing this, it just doesn't suit my morning routine. Also many people do not want to wear shoes (let alone lace up ones) in the house. So, entirely up to you, but it might be worth reading the link just to get the logic behind it.

No mission on a Sunday, but here are some reminders

Sunday Reminders. A lot of these won't make sense if you are just starting out on the Flylady lifestyle, so don't panic.

Oh, I've got my surgery dat, last week in Sept, so I will definitely need someone to take over at that point. PMPY - perhaps you could let me know when you are free (pm if you like).

ChitchatAtHome Sat 01-Sep-12 23:01:46

Hi all,

Well I did give the sink a shine this morning - not the Flylady bleach, leave an hour, blah, blah version - a bit of cif, a scrubbing cloth and wipe down. Life's too short and my kitchen's too small to leave bleach in the sink for 1 hour!!!!

Definitely won't be getting dressed to shoes as soon as I get up - have no interest in my clothes getting mucky before I even go out.

Boiler broke down Wednesday night, plumber came Thursday, fixed it left. Broke again that evening so plumber back on Friday, with the added bonus of floorboards being ripped up to find a leak. sad All that was fixed, so I thought. Woke up this morning and no hot water again...... Aughhh!!!!!!!

Have to use the immersion water over the weekend and wait until Monday for the boiler to be fixed AGAIN. Grrr....

But I ignored the boiler and had a lovely family day out today at the beach. DSs are proving to be real water babies! Such a nice way to spend the last weekend of the school holidays.

You and me both Chitchat - we had a water leak through the bedroom ceiling two weeks ago that has meant immersion heater only since we got back from hols last week, plumber is coming on Mon to fix it all but it's going to be a big job, the hot tank and pump need replacing, plus possibly the controller (heating had been coming on even when switched off at the timer) and the boiler needs servicing anyway, so may well go into Tues as well.

BitchyDragons Sun 02-Sep-12 02:02:46

Show was fabulous. knackered. need sleep. see you all at some late point tomo. night

Whoknows did ds enjoy the match?

Bitchy - yes he did thanks, it was his first game for his team and they won. It was a friendly and they were all subbed on and off in rotation, which is a good way to start. He came away happily talking about his dreams of being a top class footballer.

laurenamium Sun 02-Sep-12 07:33:15

Morning all just a body clutter post- I've definitely lost mums scales say 4 pounds but they aren't reliable so I'll weigh myself and post actual loss tomorrow smile

Mum is back today grin <does a little dance>

To do before lunch:
Walk dogs
Food shop
Clean shower
Wash towels

BB tomorrow!

WhispersOfWickedness Sun 02-Sep-12 08:10:43

Hi, I'd like to join again! I did join last autumn but had just had dd in the August so had 2 under 2 and just got too overwhelmed by everything. Started flying again in January when the house just got too bad and have been a bit hit and miss since, but mostly hit smile
Ds is now 2.8 and dd 12 mo, so I think I might be able to keep on track this time, especially since ds is going to preschool from next week for 2 mornings a week grin
Breakfast now, so will be back later smile

Iburntthecakes Sun 02-Sep-12 09:52:23

Ta da from yesterday
Shined sink
Made lunch for BIL
Got to town
Managed some washing
Spent several hours comforting grizzly baby. Who knows what she wanted confused

To do
Get dressed but slippers will have to do not shoes
Pay bills
More washing
Shopping list for tomorrow
Tidy living room floor.

I fear some of those will be on my list for sometime.

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