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Calling all steppers old and new, fancy joining me ready for the September thread

(456 Posts)
CatsInChaos Sat 25-Aug-12 23:18:43

Come and sign in here ready for September and the return to school.

Where we attempt Flylady babysteps or whatever we can get done! wink

Where are you all? Zoo, Carrots, bessie, Adora, Scout, Camper and any newcomers who would like to join. smile

AdoraBell Tue 28-Aug-12 14:57:49


Hello ldb, pinkhollie and books and welcome.

It's taking me a while to get going today, late night as OH went via the clinic on his way home last night, got home just because before midnight. Nothing major going on.

So far all I've done is made sarnies & assembled packed lunches.
Breakfast, OH made his own as I was busy
Calmed over excited birthday girls so they could leave for school
My breakfast and top up for OH
S&S main bathroom

DW still needs emptying so that I can clear the breakfast things and the sleeping beasts need breakfast. There's yet more laundry and I'm waiting in for a delivery. I hate having to wait in. I like to have the choice to go out and being stuck in waiting for people to turn up bugs me.

Well, I'm going to have brew, anyone want anything? Then I'll rouse the beasts so that I can feed them and boot them out. After that I need to get started on the birthday cake, heavy on the chocolate.

carrotsandcelery Tue 28-Aug-12 15:00:05

Shares round homemade chocolate fudge

AdoraBell Tue 28-Aug-12 15:39:33

Ooh, fudge- one of my favourites, ta very much.

Carrots, how is twilight doing now?

I've now done the DW and put the WM, not much to wash today.
Beasts are fed and out and I'm trying to decide which chocolate cake to make for DDs, so many recipesconfused

LackaDAISYcal Tue 28-Aug-12 16:20:20

Today I have:

Cleared out my wardrobe
Shone my sink
Done a full load in the dishwasher and put it away...

...as well as taking the kids to the park with a picnic, dropping off my weekly timesheets at my office on the other side of town and collected my new glasses from the Optician.

My DH will still go hmm because I haven't put the laundry away or sorted out the teetering heap of crap that always accumulates on the work top between the kitchen and dining area, the twunt

Pekka Tue 28-Aug-12 18:07:42

carrots ooh yes please!
Well, I am proud of my 1st day of official stepping. The house is still tidy! I have delegated grocery shopping to DH, now I am off to update my CV.

PeggyCarter Tue 28-Aug-12 18:24:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AdoraBell Tue 28-Aug-12 19:31:47

Daisy my OH is an expert at the hmm attitude. There have been words and I even went on full strike for a couple of months once. A couple of weeks ago he actualy asked me to write a list of jobs he needs to do on Sat. morning.

And if he pulls the "I go out to work" like my OH did, point outt the fact that you facilitate him doing so by doing everything else and there's more than 1 adult living in the house. Then badger him relentlessly about his pile of toot on the kitchen work top.

Pekka some god steps there, well done.

I'm currently making ganache, it's in need of stirring, so I'm off

<slurps coffee on way out, wipes up spillage>

AdoraBell Tue 28-Aug-12 19:36:59

good steps, not Godblush

carrotsandcelery Tue 28-Aug-12 22:10:11

Adora Twilight has improved enormously since her injections last week thanks. There is no denying that she is 15 years old, which for a big dog is a "good age". sad She loves her new haircut though and was very puppylike today grin

PeggyCarter Wed 29-Aug-12 07:34:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bessie26 Wed 29-Aug-12 07:47:12

Hello everyone & welcome to all newbies <opens more biscuits>

DD1 has stopped napping & DD2 has started (wobbly) walking, so haven't has as much time to MN as I would like!

I'm posting as I saw this steam mop on groupon today - it's not the one I have, but it looks like the same kind of thing

CatsInChaos Wed 29-Aug-12 08:11:57

Morning all, --keeps fingers crossed that computer will stay working-- (it has a funny five minutes every now and again)

Both DC are still asleep in bed shock grin I'm gonna leave them to lay in today as I don't need to go anywhere. --enjoys peace-- They were both awake in the night so probably need the sleep. DS was having some kind of bad dream.

<Wanders off to make coffee brew and get breakfast>

Will return later --unless I have more computer problems--

pinkhollie Wed 29-Aug-12 08:12:18

Good Morning everyone!
Sorry about your bad night Joyful I feel your pain. I had a relatively good one only up at 2.30 but the 4am wake ups are the worst.

It was so lovely to come down to a clean kitchen this morning. grin

Today I am going to
Go to Asda <shudder>
Make turkey burgers and banana fritters for my little'un
Wash a load of towels

I might also manage to
Ring the nursery about his place
Order some blinds for the kitchen
Send my friend a birthday present
Email work

But let's not get ahead of ourselves as I'm back in bed bfing and having a cup of tea!

Cakebot Wed 29-Aug-12 08:18:29

Hi all, Just checking in! ( Blimey you're all very early for September) I joined in very late for the August thread, went away for a week so it all went to pot, o will start again for September. Have child starting school and am also going back to work so all help/advice gratefully accepted!

CatsInChaos Wed 29-Aug-12 08:40:51

Hi and welcome Cakebot smile

I have become very "out of routine" over the summer hols so I though I might need to prepare for "back to school" and getting things done (hence starting this thread early) wink
Hopefully it will help others too. smile

CatsInChaos Wed 29-Aug-12 09:31:13

Anyone got any hints and tips about trying to feel more awake/motivated?

Struggling this morning. --too much coffee-- now have a headache! hmm

PeggyCarter Wed 29-Aug-12 11:00:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

carrotsandcelery Wed 29-Aug-12 11:41:20

Morning everyone!

I agree with Joyful that the best solution is water - put some lemon or cucumber in it if you have some. Jif lemon works fine.

Fresh air also helps so open a window.

A shower also helps if you haven't already had one - keep it on the cool side.

Not that I know anything about sleep deprivation... coughs I sense that I am not alone here.

I have been overwhelmed by the urge to clearout today. It started with trying to sanitize the washing machine. Ours seems to get smelly very quickly. My dmum got me stuff from Kleeneze which seems to do the trick and I felt it was time to do it. Could I find it? Dd eventually found it in the boot of the car in amongst the mountain of horse riding gear hmm

Anyway I have decluttered the utility room and hoovered and mopped the floor.

That led on to me tackling the study. Those who have suffered me for the last year or so will know this is my area of extreme horror. I couldn't actually get into the room without moving things blush

When I got going it wasn't as bad as I feared - just all badly stored. I can now walk in freely and the sofa and floor are clear. There is one pile in the corner of things for jumble or ebay. I have no idea where else to store it. Other than that it is not too bad. It needs a day or two of filing and it will be sorted. grin

I think that is enough for today apart from the basic dw, worktop, hoover, wm routines.

I will also have to do some ironing.

I am relaxing for now though as I have a meeting at the school at lunch time. Eeeeek!

carrotsandcelery Wed 29-Aug-12 11:41:40

Oooops! Sorry! I wrote a dissertation blush

CatsInChaos Wed 29-Aug-12 12:26:51

Well done carrots! smile Hope the meeting goes well!

I have done naff all this morning. sad Still feeling a bit ill but at least my headache has gone now.
--hopes motivation will return soon-- hmm

Hows everyone else?

carrotsandcelery Wed 29-Aug-12 13:36:46

Thanks Cats. The meeting went really well. I am so proud of my boy. He is still having trouble in the playground but he seems really happy in his class. grin

PeggyCarter Wed 29-Aug-12 13:40:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

carrotsandcelery Wed 29-Aug-12 14:34:52

Hi Joyful, He is 7 and has had a lot of problems at school, stemming from a hideous bullying incident, which has led to anxiety problems. He is now in a separate class from all three bullies (and their families) and seems to be off to a good start. Fingers crossed nothing brews.

He is still having problems in the playground but the school are aware and keeping an eye out.

I have sorted out the recycling, emptied and reloaded the dw, cleaned the worktops and washed out a plastic drawer unit and hoovered through downstairs (apart from the spare bedroom which needs a good declutter and tidy up).
I feel I have made good progress today.

Oh, I did a bit of ironing too!

AdoraBell Wed 29-Aug-12 15:33:35


Glad to hear that DS is happy in his new class, that's fantastic news.
Also good that Twilight likes his new hair cut grin and is feeling better.

Well done, you've achieved a lot considering your lack of sleep. Some days having the DDs still breathing at bed time is all I can hope for too. Although I am, alegedly, passed the night wakings stage. They turned 11 yesterday and DD2 set her alarm clock early to have time for pressies before school. She was then roused by a tremor around 3am, got up, woke her sister up, started getting ready and then looked at the clock. 4am. Luckily she didn't run downstairs squealing with birthday excitement and wake me up too. I slept through the tremor.

I got off to a slow start this morning, took DDs out for dinner last night and so it was yet another late night. Of course the pisco sour I had hasn't impacted my ability to leap into action at the crack of dawn, much. Anyway,

Got up, roused DDs
Tea/breakfast for DDs, OH did his own again
Made sarnies and packed packed lunches
Ushered family out/dogs in
WM on
Cleared kitchen
Emptied and reloaded DW
Swept around dogs
OH returned from school run, tea and toast for him
My breakfast

Still need to,

Feed and boot out the beasts
More laundry, having bought larger beds for DDs I am giving their old bedding to my ironing lady to go on the bunk beds she very kindly helped me to decluttergrin
Hang washing out
Re-arrange carpet fitters- they can't come tomorrow as we now have a funeral to attend in the morning.
Remove bleedin' heavy Xmas gift from car and hide it in the house
Plan meals
Get shopping
Go to Dr
Collect DDs and drop friend's DCs home
Start-again-reading the book I plan to gift to someone who loved it but didn't have time to read when I lent it.

<leaves birthday cake to go with brew>

PeggyCarter Wed 29-Aug-12 17:53:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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