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Calling all steppers old and new, fancy joining me ready for the September thread

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CatsInChaos Sat 25-Aug-12 23:18:43

Come and sign in here ready for September and the return to school.

Where we attempt Flylady babysteps or whatever we can get done! wink

Where are you all? Zoo, Carrots, bessie, Adora, Scout, Camper and any newcomers who would like to join. smile

AdoraBell Fri 12-Oct-12 16:12:04

My word, that schedule is ramped up, isn't it? Congrats on all the birthdays.

I spent yesterday de-moulding the washing machine. I've been forgetting to remove the draw after each use, doh! And the service washes have been too few and far between. OH is away next week so I plan to take advantage of free evenings and organise a few more things. Kitchen cupboards are done, I need to tidy my wardrobe. It's all open shelves so too easy to look cluttered even though it's not over full. Then I'll tackle to crates that I removed to the garage, I can get rid of stuff without being watchedwink. It's difficult because he's a bit of a hoarder, DDs are copying him and I'm a reformed hoarder, kinda like a born again minimalist.grin

AdoraBell Sun 14-Oct-12 16:15:58

DDs had friends over to play all night long sleep last night and I was awoken by the sound of breaking glass. Apple juice and glass all over the kitchen floorangry.

Not too much on today, cleaning wise, tomorrow is a holiday so I don't need to rush getting things ready. Laundry is almost finished, packed lunches are planned. I'm going to relax.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

CamperWidow Mon 15-Oct-12 08:34:19

^Beginner BabySteps: Day 15

Morning Routine
•Get up and get dressed to lace-up shoes; fixing your hair and face
•Look at your posted reminders in the kitchen and bathroom
•Go to the FlyLady BigTent group and read messages
•Recognize the negative voices and change them. Remember, you are FLYing now!
•Put out your Hot Spots for two minutes
•Five-minute Room Rescue (pick any room in the house). Set your timer and go!
•Spend 15 Minutes decluttering each day. You can’t organize clutter!

Before-Bed Routine
•Keep your sink shining
•Lay out your clothes for tomorrow
•Put out your Hot Spot. It will make you happy in the morning!

On our new week of FLYing, you are going to add making your bed to your morning routine. If you will do this as soon as your feet hit the floor, you are less likely to forget it!^

Ok, so that's where we should be at. I can honestly say I don't read the e-mails even though I have them sent to me. I started to and just got fed up of the mush and overt sentiment. Other than that I am doing over and above, so big pat on the back! And to anyone else who is doing this and more, take a step back and applaud yourself!

CamperWidow Mon 15-Oct-12 08:41:38

Ta da;
up and dressed
wiped kitchen down
read e-mails and caught up with an old friend
wm on
breadmaker on

To do;
put slow cooker on for tea
update Beaver records
find camera charger
sort washing
3 hot spots
bathroom mission
de-clutter some paperwork
try a pizza dough

Good luck with the declutter Adora, it's hard isn't it? I sometimes wish I could drive just so I could get rid of stuff! DH is great at sorting things out, but then they just get left somewhere till he finds time to take them to the skip.

BlackCatinchaos Mon 15-Oct-12 10:25:31

<Creeps back into thread>
I have been AWOL for a while!

shall we start a new thread?

We could go for a seasonal title instead of each month.

"babystepping through Autumn"

Anyone fancy it?

Some of you may remember me. hmm

BlackCatinchaos Mon 15-Oct-12 10:44:34

I have done it!
Here is the new thread if you want to join. smile

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