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What's the best way to get a cream leather sofa clean?

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WantAnOrange Fri 03-Aug-12 08:52:07

I'd like to replace it but can't afford it just yet, and when we do replace it, I'd like to pass it on to a local charity so I need to get it decent condition. I've tried leather wipes and didn't really get anywhere.

laudinum Fri 03-Aug-12 08:53:05

Saddle soap and a sponge.

WantAnOrange Fri 03-Aug-12 09:06:38

What is saddle soap and where do i get it?

CMOTDibbler Fri 03-Aug-12 09:12:02

I use spray tack cleaner rather than solid saddle soap with a microfibre cloth. Does a lovely job.

You can get it in any country/tack shop, Go Outdoors, cobblers, or order from Amazon/ebay

Redglow Fri 03-Aug-12 09:37:54

Get the leather cleaner used for car seats from halfords. It's really good.

PigletJohn Fri 03-Aug-12 14:35:19

Saddle soap smells nice and lasts a very long time, it contains glycerine, but you can also use a plain white or transparent toilet soap and lather it up well on a sponge, polish off with a clean (white) soft cloth.

MotionOfTheOcean Sat 04-Aug-12 06:52:01

I wash mine with a little washing machine liquid disolved in warm water,wipe with a towel,leave to dry.Then rub in some saddle soap,leave to dry and then buff with a soft cloth,comes up a treat.

WantAnOrange Sat 04-Aug-12 07:29:38

So I can just use regular soap?

PigletJohn Sat 04-Aug-12 09:56:03

Yes, saddle soap is basically just another soap, quite hard, with its own smell. It is slightly oily to "feed" the leather, but toilet soap is usually "superfatted" to moisturise the skin as it tends to wash away oil and grease. Try one that is unscented.

Polish off all detectable traces of soap.

PigletJohn Sat 04-Aug-12 09:58:23


You can also use baby wipes which will clean and moisturise and are very convenient.

WantAnOrange Sun 05-Aug-12 08:13:19

Thanks for the tips. smile

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