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Need a fly trap for our conservatory??

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llynnnn Sat 21-Jul-12 21:00:05

Can anyone recommend a product that either deters or destroys flys from our conservatory?

Short of baking in there with the doors and windows shut, the room is turning into one huge fly trap everyday!

Any ideas?

FlatCapAndAWhippet Tue 24-Jul-12 14:58:55

Fly killer spray and a hoover up a day in ours, it aint that bad though! smile

stickyLFDTfingers Sat 04-Aug-12 18:25:12

can I bump this? I'm having the same problem. Fly spray not great as it's open plan, so can't spray and shut the door.

I've been looking at those sticker things to go on the windows, but I'm not so keen on having naff flower pictures on my lovely new conservatory <poncey> and would prefer something a bit more discreet - if anyone has the answer I'd be ever so grateful!

Dawndonna Sat 04-Aug-12 22:30:47

I too am watching. We counted the dead ones today. 83. We hoovered yesterday!

rovercat Sun 05-Aug-12 13:50:25

We had the same problem last year when we had ours built. We found they came in mostly through the doors not the windows, so bought 2 beaded door curtains from Argos which let the air in but not the flies. Couldn't believe how well it works, we still get 1 or 2 flies but thats it and they could well come in through the windows in the house. Total cost was about £35.00 and was well worth it!

fiverabbits Sun 05-Aug-12 13:56:22

I hate flies. Can't use fly spray because it affects my chest due to asthma so I use those old fashioned sticky fly strips, very cheap from Wilkinsons, they are unsightly but at least you can see they are working and don't need the windows and doors shut.

greyvix Sun 05-Aug-12 14:46:54

We use sticky fly strips, with the adhesive on one side only and rested on the roof lantern. We still have flies, but most are now stuck in 1 place. The beaded door idea seems the best if you want an effective result.

stickyLFDTfingers Sun 05-Aug-12 20:52:52

Thanks everyone, sounds like I need to get some of those sticky things (how apt smile)

stickyLFDTfingers Thu 09-Aug-12 15:10:34

Had a lightbulb moment - we have a lean-to style conservatory, so put the flypaper in the crevice where it's invisible, but the flies crawl to it and get stuck. Yay! So no flies AND no fly graveyard visible either.

Thanks all for the advice.

valiumredhead Thu 09-Aug-12 16:17:19

Oh fab idea - will get some fly paper from the 99p store grin

martincito Tue 16-Jul-13 10:54:20

I just registered on Mumsnet to thank stickyLFDTfingers for the "flypaper in the crevice" idea. I'm off to buy some flypaper now... but feel confident that the days of sitting here in the conservatory listening to the buzzing of doomed flies are numbered.

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