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X5 Steam cleaner from Thane Direct - any good

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hairylemon Sat 07-Jul-12 08:35:35

I keep drooling at the advert for this steam cleaner

Anyone used it? Ive seen others cheaper but this seems to do a hell of a lot more all round the house but just wondering if anyone has actually used it before I splurge out the cash......

fallingwater Sun 08-Jul-12 06:36:18

Hi hairylemon,
I've been to the website link that you posted in your OP. Although I have'nt got a steam cleaner/mop at the mo, I used one a few years ago. It was good, but not a good as this one is described to be! Besides, it comes witha WHICH? best buy vote, which stands for somethings. As far as I know, most shoppers in the U.K have the 28 day -return policy- does this product offer one!!?? NO.
Secondly, try finding it on a shopping website you trust- such as maybe argos, amazon or e-bay?? I use amazon quite frequently for all presents, items i haen't seen, but need to buy and their product reviews from past customers are usually quite mormal- i mean, some folk are thrilled, some arent so its a balance of opinion.
But for the steam mop in question, only RAVING REVIEWS are featured on the page! confused
Never mind, go with your own feeling... good luck! I se i haven't helped at all except stated the obvious!! [embarassed]

MrsDexter Sun 08-Jul-12 10:48:04

Hi ASDA has one for £20! I have the Thane one from QVC and it's good but not worth the money

hairylemon Sun 08-Jul-12 13:57:13

hmm Falling youre right about the return policy, I never spotted there wasnt one with the X5 which is a bit sussed as are all the rave reviews, surely ONE person must have had a bit of a moan about it but apparantlyn ot accoridng to their site hmm. I think I saw it on Amazon aswell so will have a nosey on there at the reviews before/if I take the plunge

MrsDexter Ive seen one in Asda for £25 which might be the same one youre thinking of but it doesnt look like you can use it as a hand held steamer aswell which is what really gets me salivating about the X5.

What made me constantly dream about this think about it was I spilt a drink on the kitchen floor the other day, just after I had mopped up, I started cleaning the spill up and noticed to my shame that the 'dusky grey' colour of the pretend grout on the lino should actually be white. The next morning I had to get up with DS2 at about 4am and saw the ad for this.

ARRRGH! One one hand its a massive amount of money but on the other I have a million things I could use it for. My mum has said she'll kick in half towards one....mmmmm....might do a bit of shopping around and see if I can get one cheaper that does the same. Will report back what I find just incase any one else is reading smile

hairylemon Sun 08-Jul-12 14:48:41

well have decided after reading the reviews for this on Amazon Im going to go for it. Most of them are really positive and it doesnt sound like Id have any problems returning it if it goes faulty.

What made me realise I spend far too much time on MN is I recognised one of the reviewers usernames from a NN on here. Might not be the same perosn but its a massive coincidence if so!!

trikken Sun 08-Jul-12 14:58:16

I've always fancied one of these too so let me know how u get on with it smile

Its the hand held aspect that I like the look of too.

fallingwater Mon 09-Jul-12 11:36:58

Dear Hairylemon,
Yes, please do post the link to the amazon product you liked so much! It will be invaluable when I have a bit of spending money saved up! grin

savy57 Mon 09-Jul-12 11:49:13

I have it smile its brilliant I use it the for blinds sofa, kitchen tiles bathroom tiles and floors works wonders. Only thing i would advice is buy some extra clothes for the floor attachment as I personally don't think one is enough for the whole house but I suppose it depends what you want to use it for

TobyLerone Mon 09-Jul-12 13:42:55

Do we reckon that the Asda cheapo one might be worth a punt?

Domgod Sat 18-May-13 18:00:18

I bought a Thane Direct Steam cleaner in January. It worked beautifully for about 6 uses, and then gave up the ghost. Followed all the instructions to clean with water and white vinegar and poke the debris from the holes with the pin provided, all to no avail. A great disappointment and a complete waste of money. My friend bought one a little while before me. The exact same thing happened to hers. Thane did replace it without a fuss, but GUESS WHAT?, the same thing has happened to that one! So infuriating! it's back to the mop and bucket for us!

Floridagal2013 Tue 30-Jul-13 15:28:22

I have just bought one from Thane Direct; used it for the first time today, not happy with it at all, certainly not worth the £100.00 charged.
They have given me only 7 days to return it.
Have to pay for the postage myself.
Have to ring them up beforehand to get a Merchandise Authorisation Code.
It is an 0844 number and they admit that I could be hanging on for ages.
Complete waste of money; they are trying to block the returns as stated above, as can't return it until spoken with them, but must return it within 7 days.
I would recommend against buying anything from Thane Direct.

elk4baby Thu 01-Aug-13 12:38:40

My DH likes to research products before buying. When we decided we needed a steam cleaner (hated the overcrowded cleaning cabinet), he found a fantastic machine - the Polti Lecoaspira (same machine sold under Karcher brand in other countries). Expensive, but worth every penny.

It is a steam cleaner with suction (works like an H2O hoover, if not using steam). We have now had it for over five years and LOVE it! Of course, it is bulkier than a steam mop - but it is a million times better. You can do the whole house (and I mean the WHOLE house) with just one machine.

It hoovers up the dust and hairs (we have a cat) from carpets with the spinning brush head, it has powerful steam for cleaning the kitchen (including the dreaded oven) and bathroom, as well as any hard floors. And there are no pads to deal with, as it just sucks up all the dirt into the tank. The only time pads are involved, is for cleaning mattresses.

It has different power settings for the steam output, so you could even clean your houseplants with it without worry of doing any damage. It has a couple of different squeegees for your windows and mirrors - streak free, without the need for chemicals or a window vac and such.

(we have even abused it by using it for some light sanding when plastering the ceiling - I wouldn't advise to use it as a DIY vac per se, but if you have no other option, it works)

cameron4444 Tue 25-Mar-14 20:04:17

hi all i bought one a few months back now and to start off with was really good couldnt fault it one bit but then the other night me and my partner was watching tv in the living room and the steam mop was just cooling down in the kitchen and then it just suddenly turned on, by its self now as soon as i turn it on by the wall you cant get it to turn off unless you unplug it , also it has begun to leak rather alot and not steaming at all, and using so much more water than it did before.

in reagrds to this i tried ringing up and each time they say that they will transfere me to a manager and then they just hang up!! not very professional at all

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