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I ordered the wrong size loose covers- help and do you work for Laura Ashley?

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Aliceinthelookingglass Sun 17-Jun-12 12:25:04

I am gutted> Just taken delivery of a new set of covers- sofa and chair. Found out far too late that I ordered the wrong size for the chair- it's a very similar style to the sofa but slightly smaller- had forgotten as we bought it about 10 years back.

Spoken to LA locally and they said contact customer servises tomorow.

Not sure what to expect- local store talked about a discount on new covers perhaps ( think they are in sale- they were when I ordered) but they still cost £200+.

I know it is my fault and I feel so stupid- I sat and cried yesterday when I realised they weren't going to fit.

I wondered about some options and wondered what anyone thought:

if LA won't discount another set, should I try to find someone to alter them?

Should I try to sell on Ebay?
Should I just tuck the extra fabric in where I can and accpet they are a bit loose ( mainly where the arms meet the back of the chair as these arms are shorter.)

They might shrink when cleaned ( says dry clean only but may try cool washing when time comes.)


MarySA Sun 17-Jun-12 13:13:02

Unless they were made to measure can't see the problem of exchanging them. Or even returning all of them and choosing something else if the one you wanted for the chair isn't in the sale. It seems a lot of money to then put on Ebay. Maybe pay somebody to alter them if you can't exchange. It's infuriating. But at least the size is too large rather than too small so might be able to be altered. Sorry not to be of more help.

Aliceinthelookingglass Sun 17-Jun-12 13:59:43

well- they are sort of made to measure ! The chair is the Kendal range but I chose the fabric for the covers. it's a pale oatmeal linen so I am sure that SOMEONE would place an identical order with them at some point!

Yes, at least they are too big andnot too smal! I still think an upholsterer would charge me £100+ to make to fit- we'll see.

HallyWell Tue 23-Dec-14 10:16:44

To Alice, i'm going through the same issue with LA, an upholsterer just quoted me £100 to alter it, it's sooo silly considering that the the covers cost £250; so it's too expensive to alter but yet not too far away from getting a new cover. Maybe i should buy a new one and try to DIY this one myself. Am curious how LA sorted this issue for u.

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