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Casserole-type dishes - can I put them on the hob too?

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Flubba Fri 18-May-12 16:21:32

Sorry, pathetic question here, but I can't find an answer on t'internet. I have two casserole dishes, one is ceramic-looking with a pyrex glass lid, and the other is an M&S casserole dish that feels damned heavy, but I don't know if I can put either of them on the gas hob. Short of trying (and crying if they crack!), is there any way of telling whether or not they are hobbable? grin

WowOoo Fri 18-May-12 16:32:25

I would have thought so. I always put my ceramic one on the hob.

RockChick1984 Fri 18-May-12 17:52:30

I had a ceramic one from tesco that cracked after I used it on the hob so personally I wouldn't, but it was only a cheapy one!

Flubba Fri 18-May-12 18:05:17

Oh you two ~ that's not helpful! grin grin wink

I chickened out in the end and did the hob bit in a saucepan and then transferred it. Still unsure...

PigletJohn Sat 19-May-12 01:47:57

you can get enamelled iron pans that are not by a Le Creuset at very reasonable prices, and will go on hob or oven.

Cast Iron has been made for a few hundred years so I see no reason why putting a French name on it makes it any better.

Debenhams are not expensive, Aldi are stunningly not expensive.

jubilucket Sat 19-May-12 01:51:01

No there isn't, short of trial and error disaster. Sorry.

Flubba Sat 19-May-12 05:56:20

I reckon the darned heavy one is likely to be hob proof but I'm not sure I fancy putting my theory to the test.

OhNoMyFanjo Sat 19-May-12 06:07:48

I won't put the first one on .

The m&s one, does it have and symbols on the bottom? Failing that call m&s with the range it's from?

Flubba Sat 19-May-12 20:13:12

No, no range name, no symbols. Nada, hence the confusion. It is blinkin' heavy though, which makes me think it's a cast-iron one, and therefore should be good on the hob, no? confused

OhNoMyFanjo Sat 19-May-12 20:27:45

can any of these help?

Flubba Sat 19-May-12 20:47:22

Thanks Fanjo - none are definitive but I appreciate the effort.

Bunbaker Sat 19-May-12 21:11:52

If it is very heavy chances are that it is a cast iron one. It will be oven and hob proof.

PigletJohn Sun 20-May-12 00:02:38

try it with a magnet.

RoxyRobin Sun 20-May-12 00:12:27

If the first is just normal Pyrex you can't use it on the hob. If it's Pyroflam you can.

Whatever you use, keep the flame very low and stir frequently to check it's not getting burnt and sticking to the bottom. I ignore my own advice and this happens every time blush

OhNoMyFanjo Sun 20-May-12 00:18:52

This will not beat me, ok I have a crazy idea, take some phones of tge dish and tweet m&s customer services to ask them. Or Fb. Honestly the Fb and tweet staff always love stuff like this.

Flubba Sun 20-May-12 07:43:19

Thanks Roxy. Fairly sure the pyrex one is oven only and not hob, but I'm tempted by the M&S one on the hob.

Fanjo grin I may well do that. All I need to do is get with the 21st century and start to use twitter or FB blush

Will try the magnet thing too.

BettyMcG Sun 19-May-13 14:34:48

I bought a cast iron emamelled pan from Aldi during the week. I put it on my electric hob with water in it and it cracked within 2 minutes. I know this was a cheap version of a "Le Creuset" style pan, but I was under the impression that they could be used for both hob and oven. Does this happen to all cast iron/enamelled pans?


PolterGoose Sun 19-May-13 17:29:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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