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Trouble finding Napisan?!

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CarpeJugulum Fri 27-Apr-12 09:19:56

Went into ASDA to buy Napisan. No joy - assistant said they can't get any in.

Sainsburys - same story

Tesco - only a small store so they don't sell it at all.

Boots - no joy; space for it, but none in stock.

Anyone else have this issue? Can anyone recommend a reliable online supplier?

nannyl Fri 27-Apr-12 09:45:00

could you use mio fresh instead?

essentially the same... you can buy it in mother care and some boots stores

JazzAnnNonMouse Fri 27-Apr-12 09:48:56

I use miofresh - you can buy it in toys r us as well smile

eggyblackett Fri 27-Apr-12 09:50:43

Ocado have Napisan in stock.

CarpeJugulum Fri 27-Apr-12 11:48:14

NE Scotland. Ocado stops about 300 miles south hmm

Will have a look at Miofresh.

I just love the wonder of Napisan on DH's work shirts. Only thing that seems to help clean them.

returnvisit Sun 29-Apr-12 12:57:22

I get mine from a chemist if you want to try there

cantspel Sun 29-Apr-12 12:59:16

wilkinsons sell it

anniewoo Sun 29-Apr-12 16:43:35

I got mine in tesco

Fuchzia Sun 29-Apr-12 16:54:34

They seem to have changed sizes. The 500g has been replaced by a 800g packet and there wasn't much in stock for a while. They have now restocked in Wilko but the price is still the 500g price of £1.70 atm which is v cheap!

lesleypalmer86 Tue 15-Oct-13 12:56:08

you can buy Napisan from here

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