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how do I clean my ring?

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NagooBunnytail Sat 07-Apr-12 06:46:18

I have a white gold and diamond ring, all filled up with soap and other undesirable gunge.

How can I soak it out? The affected orifices are tiny! I can't even scrape it out with a pin.


ConsiderYourself Sat 07-Apr-12 06:50:01

hahahaha, enjoyed a snurkle at your title.
Ultrasonic bath? Not sure if these are cheap enough to buy, but I think that's how jewellers do it - you can take it in for cleaning.

NickNacks Sat 07-Apr-12 06:50:48

Unfortunate title.... grin

TooManyOddSocks Sat 07-Apr-12 07:07:02

<snigger> at your title.
Maybe try a jewellers? I tried to clean my engagement ring myself but it wasn't quite right. Took it to the jewellers (think cost about £15) and it came back beautiful - there were orifices that I never even knew of, which made me gag slightly as it was my mums engagement ring also, so years and years of dead skin and grime had built up. smile

SillyBeardyDaddyman Sat 07-Apr-12 07:08:54

Brilliant title! Glad I'm not the only 4yr old on here!

OnlyWantsOneTwoAndThree Sat 07-Apr-12 07:10:05

Go swimming!! Mine always looks AMAZING when I get out of the pool grin

BiscuitNibbler Sat 07-Apr-12 07:10:28

Soak it in gin or vodka for a little while and then give it a gentle brush - looks like new. Bit of a waste of gin though.

Hopefullyrecovering Sat 07-Apr-12 07:14:26

Coca cola

Buy a can of coke, stick the ring in overnight. It will come out all clean and sparkly and lovely. Don't drink it by accident though!

Another good trick with coca cola is to stick one of your DC's teeth in it overnight. The urban myth is that the tooth would dissolve. It didn't but it did come out significantly smaller - which has kept my DCs off sugary fizzy drinks for the last 14 years, so that's good, no?

NagooBunnytail Sat 07-Apr-12 07:17:40

Get your minds out of the gutter people! grin

swimming? Half-term? <shudder>

I'm sure I can lay my hands on some vodka. And some coke. smile

TooManyOddSocks Sat 07-Apr-12 07:19:59

Nooooo don;t waste vodka and coke on your ring! Drink the v&c whilst your ring is being cleaned professionally grin

ripsishere Sat 07-Apr-12 07:33:51

Window cleaning fluid is what the jeweller who made my ring advised.
The stuff I've got is blue, you drop your ring into an egg cup and then pour the stuff over it.
Half an hour later, go back and give it a rub with a toothbrush. Shiney.

BikeRunSki Sat 07-Apr-12 07:43:59

DH got an ultrasonic cleaner from Argos for about £15 a few years ago. He bought it for cleaning bike components, but it does great things to my rings.

stainesmassif Sat 07-Apr-12 07:48:25

Toothbrush and toothpaste worked on mine. Very satisfying.

NagooBunnytail Sat 07-Apr-12 07:52:55

window cleaning fluid?

I'm sure an ultrasonic device would do wonders to my ring.....

I'll soak it in the window stuff and report back.

GoblersKnob Sat 07-Apr-12 07:55:37

Was going to say toothpaste, in this sense, now crying with laughter at stainesmassif above post gringrin

Would second jewellers.

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 07-Apr-12 08:01:27

Ultrasonic baths can crack some stones eg emeralds. (yes I know thats what the jewellers use but still)

I use hottish water and my electric toothbrush on mine. I always take my rings off to wash though and only really wear them when I'm not working or doing housework but thats cross infection rules in my work anyway so It's easy for me.

stainesmassif Sat 07-Apr-12 08:13:42

Oh Crikey, I hadn't realised I'd let the cat out of the bag wrt toothbrush frottage. It is good though.

haddock1976 Sat 07-Apr-12 08:18:41

I second toothbrush and toothpaste.

My engagement ring is three stones emerald cut and mounted. The amount of crud that gets into all the nooks and cranies is revolting but a quick paste and brush works wonders.

cluelessnchaos Sat 07-Apr-12 08:23:07

My auntie used to use steradent tablets on all her jewellery, worked a treat

PigletJohn Sat 07-Apr-12 09:07:05

I can tell you don't do much washing-up. People who do have clean rings.

You can get a goddards Gold and Diamond cleaning dip, you put the small jewellry in a small plastic cage which you lower into the jar, then rinse in warm water. Gold sticks to gease, so you will find a coating of grimy skin-cells and skin oil in the hallmark and crevices of a gold ring.

Try not to use a toothbrush on jewellry with stones, as it may dislodge them from their mountings.

Opals and pearls are absorbent, use nothing but clean warm water with a drop of WUL.

NagooBunnytail Sat 07-Apr-12 09:34:48

I wash a mug up 4 times a week grin

The window cleaning stuff appears to be working magic, I can see a lot of liberated crud in the fluid and it's loking sparkly smile

I wish I had opals envy

anniewoo Sat 07-Apr-12 09:36:56

Ripsishere I think you are right- window cleaner- i buy stuff in jewellers - expensive - the smell was familiar but I couldn't place it. Yes it's window cleaner I think. Will investigate. What a swizz.

NagooBunnytail Sat 07-Apr-12 10:28:59

I stuck it in a container and shaked the fuck out of it.

I have a sparkly clean ring.

Thanks all smile


CeliaFate Sat 07-Apr-12 14:41:26

An old toothbrush and some liquid soap should do it.

JustHecate Sat 07-Apr-12 14:43:21

I was also most disappointed with the OP, after the thread title grin

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