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Can you get large hooded towels - for a 7 yr old?

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Grockle Thu 09-Feb-12 11:27:19

DS has outgrown his baby one (obviously grin) and I want a lovely new one for him but they all look small. Do 6/7 yr olds not have hooded towels?

Twinklebum Thu 09-Feb-12 11:46:01

You can get poncho (sp) ones with hoods but have not seen any bigger versions of the baby ones.

silverfrog Thu 09-Feb-12 11:48:57

I use poncho ones, or the summer swim/beach hooded coveralls.

currently, the dds have hooded towelling dressing gowns (zip up ones) which they use as towels, from Polarn O. Pyret - have lasted well, and wash well.

Fisharefriendsnotfood Thu 09-Feb-12 11:50:20

Just got some at ikea that have stud fasteners down the side, fab!

Grockle Thu 09-Feb-12 11:59:29

Ikea! Why didn't I think of Ikea!

I need a poncho one for swimming/ beach and a hooded one for bathtime. Maybe a dressing gown is a good idea.

Thank you!

silverfrog Thu 09-Feb-12 12:09:37

oh yes, forgot Ikea - the dds school swimming towels are Ikea hooded ones - my tall 7 yer old is ok with one, and again wash and last well.

befuzzled Thu 09-Feb-12 12:10:35

was just going to come on and suggest the Ikea ones but I see someone already has - I use the green hooded ones for 7, 4 and 1y old! Way better than the baby ones - definitely bigger and more of a wrapping up shape.

leeloo1 Fri 10-Feb-12 23:38:10

As an alternative to Ikea...

I'm the least crafty person ever, but I managed to make DS hooded towels out of a bath towel and a hand towel. Cut about 2/3rds off the width of a hand towel, use a sewing machine to sew it in half to make the 'hood', then sew that along the middle of one side of the bath towel.

I made 3 of these (we had stacks of old Christy towels that were faded, but still cuddly and soft) when DS was a few months old, as he was v tall and quickly outgrew the baby ones. He's now 3.5 and they're still going strong, despite being used every day. smile Only slight caveat is be careful if you're dying them - I did and as they were almost white I thought a sunny yellow would look nice - which it would have done if they hadn't started out as a v pale blue. As it was, they ended up a swampy greeny/yellow... which I've learned to tolerate love over the years. grin

littlejackhorner Wed 08-May-13 13:53:35

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