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windowless bathroom:-(

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ver0nika Sat 04-Feb-12 12:24:11

Hi,I would like to ask for your opinion, I live in a four beds three storey terraced townhouse,dowstairs decent size utility/sink,loo,washing machine/, 2 bedrooms and a "family" bathroom/tiny one with NO WINDOW/on the first floor and two bedrooms/one of them en-suite-no window again/on the second floor.Having lived in a house with a big bathroom and a window I find it hard to have no window now/do not ask me why I bought the house:-//.now I am tryig to sort out the bathroom to have a window there.the suggestion are:moving the utility room to the first floor bathroom-so it would keep the loo+sink and instead of a bath there would be the washing machine+tumble dryer/and adding a bath downstairs/-so swapping current utility for a is a warm room anyway/ or partitioning bedroom 2 on the first floor/current sice 3.6x2.85m/ /spliting it with a stud wall to create small office with a window and a narrow ,long bathroom with a window/now, the space left for the office would be only 1.9x2.1 m so around 4m2.or perhaps still go ahead with the partition wall and the smaller space would be a bathroom and the longer one would be a bedroom/office?I hope my post makes sense:-).what do you think would be the best option in terms of future re-selling/althought it is not my forever and ideal hose now, with the new bathroom it would probably be, but you never know;-)/ and thanks for any suggestions.

RockChick1984 Sat 04-Feb-12 18:53:20

Not completely sure how it would work with your description to be honest; so 1 room would have loo, sink and washing machine? To be honest, as long as you have extractor fans I don't see what the problem is; if it's any help I've only ever lived in places before which had a window apart from my current home. It didn't take me long to get used to it and now I prefer it - no leaving the window open on cold days and freezing the second you get out the bath! What do you find so difficult about having no windows?

Tonksforthememories Sat 04-Feb-12 18:56:55

Our bathroom doesn't have a window, and for a while we were planning on putting a double line of glass bricks in one wall to let some light in. Is that a possibility for you? We were going to do it high up on our staircase wall so there's no problem with lack of privacy.

mousymouseprice Sat 04-Feb-12 19:02:20

what are you worried about? humidity/ventilation or light?
we have two windowless bathroom (well, one is an onsuite shower room) and have put in the strongest bulbs we could find and the extractor fans are really strong as well, which is important especially for the shower room.

OlympicEater Sat 04-Feb-12 19:16:27

No window wouldn't bother me, so long as there was an extractor fan for smells humidity.

Is it the lack of natural light or being able to open a window that you don't like?

Chickensinthekitchen Sat 04-Feb-12 19:24:01

I had a flat once without a window, lived alone so the door was always open and it never bothered me. Just get a massive mirror cut to fit one wall, ths would really help with bouncing lght. would you be able to have a glazed door? it would work out muchcheaper and always better to have a bathroom upstairs in family home. We stole some space in.our current house from adjoining room for a massive shower in our bathroom, could you do that ? it makes a small bathroom seem much bigger.

ver0nika Sun 12-Feb-12 14:47:46

Hello everyone,thank you very much for all your replies:-).As I can see, it is not that uncomnon to have a windowless bathroom:-).However,the main reason i long for the window is that I think none of extractor fans /even the humidity controled ones/would get rid of the steam after having a bath/or even a quick shower-as it is a tiny room/efficiently/it either takes a long time so I am always tempted to just leave the door open,or I just cant stand the noisy fan../'what I was thinking of is to split a room nextdoor into two, it is currently unused bedroom,so after being split one part of the room/let's call it a left hand side room for now:-)/ would be smaller 1.9x2.2m and had a half of the window/would have to get a special custome made one-I have been already pre -warned/ and the other part would /after removing the stud wall between the bedroom and the bathroom next door/ become attached to the existing bathroom which is next door .the created room on the left hand side would be 1.9x2.2 as previously said,the entrance would be the original one,and the right hand side of the room/now devided by the new stud wall/would be a part of extended bathroom ,the entrance would be where the original bathroom one is.But as this new bathroom/new created room/would be a bit bigger than the left hand side/study/, I got this idea that perhaps if I moved the whole bathroom completely to the left room then I could make use of the bigger room and it could be a study.or just not comlicate things, leave the left hand side as a study/1,9x2.2 pretty small and use the bigger one as originaly intended-a n extended windowed bathroom?/sorry, if still not clear,perhaps a floor plan would help,I have to get something.I have considered clear blocks,but it would only introduce light but not air:-(.

PigletJohn Sun 12-Feb-12 16:00:13

yes, a fan would work, and no, they are not all noisy. A small room is easier to clear than a large one. If you are fussy you can can some that are three times as powerful as the £10 fans.

mine comes on with the light switch. The bathroom mirror never even steams up.

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