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Gas oven won't light! Help!

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Solo2 Sun 15-Jan-12 05:50:48

I inherited a New World System One eye-level gas oven in a fitted kitchen, from the previous owners of my home, 6 years ago.

It's suddenly stopped igniting. It still does the 'click/spark' thing but doesn't then light after a few seconds or even a minute. I've tried hand lighting with a match but this also doesn't work.

Urgent questions: Could the gas pipe be blocked and if so, is it possible to unblock these myself?

Anything else I can try to get it to light?

It's really difficult to get a good look in the oven as the door opens downwards but you can't lean on it (think, major bodilt contortions involving me practically having to put my entire upper body into the oven, sideways on, to get a better look and coming back out covered in old grease!!!)

Finding time to get someone out to have a look is nigh on impossible to fit in (solo mum with twins, running f/t business - plus puppy dog to look after and walk daily). Keen to manage this myself.

Or - if the oven is really 'dead' now, how easy is it to buy another that fits in the same fitted kitchen 'gap' or will this be an eye sore? Not hugely bothered, as the dog has now eaten lots of the wood parts of the kitchen anyway!

DCs are fussy eaters and a lot of their 'acceptable' foods require oven cooking (think breaded chicken and breaded fish). So I'm pretty desperate to find a quick solution, as food starts to reach it's use by date in the fridge!

madasa Sun 15-Jan-12 07:52:18

Hi Solo
Is the clock set correctly on the oven? I only ask as my left hand oven will not light if the clock is not set correctly.

Solo2 Sun 15-Jan-12 15:08:11

Thanks. Tried resetting the clock but this hasn't worked. Any other suggestions anyone??

ivykaty44 Sun 15-Jan-12 19:37:09

is it just a clock or is the clock part of a timer unit fixed into the oven so you can pre set the oven to come on when out.

A series of little nobs and display, has something happened to the unit which is stopping the oven from lighting?

My cooker has a unit and once something got knocked and the oven wouldn't light - clock was ok just the timer setting knocked and prevented the oven lighing

Stinkyfeet Sun 15-Jan-12 19:47:36

OK, this is going to be really vague because I don't have the oven any more and it was some years ago!!! But I remember cleaning out a small opening at the bottom of the cooker (under the bottom of the door) - it was gunked up with dust and grease - then it would light again. HTH hmm!

DonkeyTeapot Sun 15-Jan-12 20:25:29

I had a cooker where the ignition spark was supplied by a battery, when the battery went flat it wouldn't light. Could this be the same? The battery was situated in the bottom section where there's a space for storing saucepans etc.

Do you hear the gas coming through, or do you think there is no gas coming out?

laurenamium Sun 15-Jan-12 21:06:42

I third the timer! I spent 3 hours trying to get my oven to work once for DP to come
In and reset the timer and it worked blush

ivykaty44 Sun 15-Jan-12 21:09:47

my gas oven works on mains electric, so the battery could be the problem. In a power cut my gas will not light as the electric has gone out grin hope this helps

PJConlon Fri 29-Jan-16 17:58:10

Thank you. My oven is working again after I set the clock.

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