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Help: how do you get rid of mice?

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SuiGeneris Fri 13-Jan-12 05:38:21

We have had mice in the kitchen a few months now. DH has tried traps, sticky paper, ultrasound emitters and sealing all the holes. Thought he had succeeded until 10 minutes ago, when I went to the kitchen, thought I had smelt something odd and then saw one of the little buggers. So, no breakfast and mumsnet instead. What on earth can we do? Is it professionals time?

Dh says once they get in the house yes professional time.

SuiGeneris Fri 13-Jan-12 07:04:35

I thought so, I wish we had done it before rather than tried various DIY options...

Auntiestablishment Fri 13-Jan-12 07:05:08

Try cats.

hazchem Fri 13-Jan-12 08:42:03

I suggest a Jack Russell. Basically wont be able to catch them but they will hassle any that try to come in so much they wont want to make your kitchen home.
Oh and hidden poison!

GoingForGoalWeight Fri 13-Jan-12 09:11:23

Get a cat as another poster has already suggested. I'm hoping the cat's presence, scent of would be enough to drive them away. smile

Bunbaker Fri 13-Jan-12 09:12:38

You also need to find out how they got in and block up any holes.

LemonDifficult Fri 13-Jan-12 09:14:58

Traps, cats and hoovering.

FWIW, we have the above - although aren't as aggressive as we could be - and still have mice. It's just part and parcel of living in an old house with holes in the skirting, etc.

tabulahrasa Fri 13-Jan-12 09:17:44

Don't try cats, the little gits bring in extra ones - I'm sure mine are operating some sort of rodent catch and release scheme hmm

valiumredhead Fri 13-Jan-12 09:38:10

You smelled a mouse? confused

The professionals will come and lay down poison stations and traps - nothing you can't do yourself.

Clear away ALL food including the fruit bowl and bleach down your surfaces every day first thing as they will be up on your counters. Put all cereal etc in containers. You need to make sure there is NOTHING attracting them.

You don't need a cat, in fact some cats just don't bother with mice and some bring more in!

MrsMagnolia Fri 13-Jan-12 10:59:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TrinityRhino Fri 13-Jan-12 11:02:00

no you don't need professionals

loads of cheap traps in every room baited with a bit of mars bar

find any holes if you can and stuff them up

keep putting the traps down each time one snaps till you get all of them empty

and hoover lots

clean out your kitchen cupboards, check no food is ever out or split in cupboards

TrinityRhino Fri 13-Jan-12 11:02:54

the thing with traps is that you need to KEEP putting them down till they all come up empty for a couple of days

valiumredhead Fri 13-Jan-12 12:07:44

The only thing ime that is different between DIY stuff and professionals is the professionals keep doing it like trinity says. Peanut butter is very good for traps as it is sticky they go back for more or stay around just slightly longer than is necessary to swipe a bit of chocolate and run away. I imagine Marsbars work because of the stickiness.

We got rid of a huge rat problem ourselves but it did take the best part of 5 weeks - check traps and re bait every day, hoover hoover and hoover some more and clear away ALL food!

TimorousBeastie Fri 13-Jan-12 12:14:21

So what kind of weirdo mice do I have that aren't interested in peanut butter or chocolate spread? confused

valiumredhead Fri 13-Jan-12 12:20:24

Put poison down then. Are you changing the bait every day? Where are you putting the traps?

TimorousBeastie Fri 13-Jan-12 12:23:08

Not changing the bait every day. Should I be doing that? Traps are where we've seen the mice, at exit points on the floor and next to the bread machine, toaster and sink.

We have 2 kinds of poison, also located where we've seen mice but they haven't been touched.

DH once saw a mouse jumping over two traps we'd put next to a mouse exit point angry.

valiumredhead Fri 13-Jan-12 12:27:32

Change the bait every day and keep trying things until you find something they love. ROBAN is the best poison and can be bought online - no poisons in the shops work ime. Do you put the traps with the snappy bit against the wall? Your best bet is to find out where they are coming in and the best way to do that is to get REALLY tidy and clutter free than sprinkle talc down and you can see if it has been disturbed in the morning. Keep moving the traps around, you need at least 5 or six in various places to have the best chance of catching them.

Jules125 Fri 13-Jan-12 12:27:34

Vote for professionals and poisons (place under kitchen kickboards - little sods often come in around dishwasher pipes etc). Little buggers here seem to know all about traps and avoid them. Sorry you have this horrible problem.

carrotsandcelery Fri 13-Jan-12 12:27:39

We had mice in our garage and ended up getting professionals in to deal with it. They put down poison but did say that you have to change the sort of poison reasonably regularly - they go for different scents.

Beware of poisons when you have small children and pets though obviously.

FromGirders Fri 13-Jan-12 12:32:53

Rentokil man years ago told me white chocolate was best. I also had great success with toffee-chocolate eclair - they can't get them off the traps easily.
Once you stop catching mice with chocolate, switch to using bits of bread with marmite on as bait, and you'll get some more. Then go back to chocolate.
We caught two mice, twice a day for three weeks when we moved into a previously unoccupied farmhouse. After that we managed to keep on top of them just by checking the traps frequently, and keeping all of our food things in glass jars and tins.
Professionals will just put down poison, so you end up with dead mice in your walls and under your floors. I'd rather trap them cleanly and put them straight in the bin.

anniekins Fri 13-Jan-12 13:24:22

The Council 'Rat Man' that we had, told us the poison they use is far stronger than anything you can buy at your local DIY shop. He only had to lay the poison once - our problem was sorted and over within 5 days. I'd recommend the professionals.

valiumredhead Fri 13-Jan-12 13:25:30

Or you can buy ROBAN on line - cheaper than bringing in the professionals.

Ineedacleaneriamalazyslattern Fri 13-Jan-12 13:30:51

We had mice couple of years ago. I bought prebated traps. Cannot remember how many I put down but I had around half a dozen. I put them where I knew the mice were getting in and out and a couple of places I suspected they were. It took a couple of days to get them all but we did. Each trap caught one each plus 1 more.

janx Fri 13-Jan-12 13:38:10

We have a really persistent problem and have had the professionals in 3 times angry we have only caught one on a sticky board. We are now trying nutella on the traps. ... It's a right pain - am covering everything up - basically they can survive on a few crumbs

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