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Supermarket 'posh' bedding???

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Whenisitmysleepytime Wed 04-Jan-12 08:38:20

Like this

I'm thinking of getting new bedding but have a limited budget. Is this sort of thing good or is supermarket egyptian cotton really just a bit rubbish?

Our current duvet has a rip in the core that ds keeps fiddling with and making bigger! blush

I have never bought their 'posh' stuff grin However not long ago I grabbed some of their basics stuff as it was laughably cheap, think I got a sheet and 2 pillowcases and it has lasted far better and was nicer than some stuff that has been far more expensive.

HattiFattner Wed 04-Jan-12 09:02:17

i concur with wherethewildthingsare, I have several duvet sets from the cheaper ranges and they wash beautifully. and always look good.

ChitChatInChaos Wed 04-Jan-12 09:17:51

I bought the Egyptian cotton from Argos and it was completely crap, nice and soft, and lots of holes all over it - after only about 2 months hmm.

QuintessentiallyShallow Wed 04-Jan-12 09:23:44

It has got a 200 thread count and is 100% cotton, so the fabric should be ok.

There is no mention of percale, so you might have to iron it well.

I went to Tkmax yesterday, and picked up some bedding. A 300 thread count egyption cotton double duvet cover set me back £24.99. Got pillows separate at £6.99 for a pair, the threadcount is 400, but the colour the same. They feel lush...

FriskyBivalves Wed 04-Jan-12 09:25:24

Have a look at King of Cotton website - I get all my bedding from there and it's cheap and superb quality.
Sails through multiple washes. Specially if you like white as its all white smile - they wholesale to the hotel trade so you know their stuff has to be hard wearing...

FriskyBivalves Wed 04-Jan-12 09:28:04

Quint [sorry minor thread hijack, well OK major one] am I right in thinking you live in SW London? Can I ask which TK Maxx you favour?!

<backs hurriedly out of thread, head down>

blowninonabreeze Wed 04-Jan-12 09:28:29

I bought some from tesco (iirc) as an emergency set a couple of years ago. It is an absolute nightmare to iron. Horrendous. I only use it in dire emergencies as even if I iron it carefully it looks awful on the bed.

Second the homesense/ tk max suggestion

Whenisitmysleepytime Wed 04-Jan-12 09:28:32

What is percale? confused
I don't do ironing! smile

Ktay Wed 04-Jan-12 09:37:05

Another vote for King of Cotton. Also have a lovely duvet cover from one of the White Company outlet shops if you happen to be near one of those

QuintessentiallyShallow Wed 04-Jan-12 09:49:21

I will try the king of cotton!

Kew retail park.....

Ktay Wed 04-Jan-12 09:58:38

Yes def try King of Cotton Quint if you are in the vicinity anyway - and I'll try the local TKMaxx! (sorry to join in the hijack...)

QuintessentiallyShallow Wed 04-Jan-12 10:03:53

Seems that I am, judging by the store selection! I am loving their website! I feel like the queen of cotton! grin

Sparklingbrook Wed 04-Jan-12 10:07:12

just got ours from Homesense (which is something to do with TK Maxx I think). Same as you bought by the sound of it Quintessentially. grin

Dunelm has the Dorma range which was 20% off but don't know if it still is and a range called Hotel.

QuintessentiallyShallow Wed 04-Jan-12 10:11:04

yes, I bought the hotel one. grin

I also have open an online order page for the white company. This is the year for linen.... (We are letting our house for the olympics. Have three beds to dress)

HappyAsEyeAm Wed 04-Jan-12 14:10:59

I bought fitted sheets from the same Sainsbury's range as spare sets for our spare rooms. The elastic went in them after the second wash (I din't tumble dry them or anything).

FriskyBivalves Wed 04-Jan-12 16:58:47

quint If you're an habituee of Kew Retail Park, the nirvana that is the King of Cotton showroom is a mere m

FriskyBivalves Wed 04-Jan-12 17:02:25

Ahhh dratted iPhone posted too soon

The nirvana of the King of Cotton showroom is a minute away in the car. Just the other side of the roundabout from thr big Sainsbugs on Sandycombe road. They often have a Sales bin full of super king sized pillowcases for £5. And amazing towels. And towelling robes. Sigh.

QuintessentiallyShallow Wed 04-Jan-12 17:42:21

oooooh, thank you! I love a good rummage!

whomovedmychocolate Wed 04-Jan-12 17:43:44

Hello, you could get similar in 600 count from John Lewis for the same money in the sale. 200 count is not great. It's okay but it'll require ironing and it won't be heavy enough to feel wonderful.

whomovedmychocolate Wed 04-Jan-12 17:44:46

Percale is a type of weave - it's got nothing to do with the fabric itself. Cotton percale is fairly smooth by nature and needs little ironing.

Geordieminx Wed 04-Jan-12 17:46:32

Debenhams have a good. Sale on just now. I got a jasper Conran set reduced from £90 to £33 at the weekend

Mollymoomoo Wed 04-Jan-12 20:07:56

King of cotton 1000 thread count now i need that.

Tk max had an amazing 600 set in this week, cream though i only do white. I held onto it for a while though, weighed a tonne. Always a good sign.

NanTheWiser Wed 04-Jan-12 22:05:59

Another King of Cotton fan here - and lucky enough to have a local shop, recently purchased 400TC Egyptian Cotton double bed set (duvet cover, fitted sheet and Oxford pillow cases) for £78 which I thought very reasonable. In Ivory - the only other colour they sell. It feels most luxurious!

LordOfTheFlies Thu 05-Jan-12 09:38:24

Got loveley Eygyptian Cotton sheets from Costco.
Gorgeous to sleep in, thick, soft cotton.
We went to Egypt years ago and the sheets in the hotel weren't ironed , so I don't either. (Good enough for a 5* hotel, good enough for me ) grin

Only problem was the difference in colours. White duvet cover and sheets, but pillowcases slightly off-white.

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