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Is it just me???? (dishwasher tabs)

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maybenow Thu 15-Dec-11 11:22:01

or do lemon fairy dishwasher tabs make all your dishes smell lemony??

My DH can't smell it but i am fed up of eating off plates that smell like lemon detergent, and i can smell it from the oven when a baking tray is in there heating up. it's horrible.

Ordered 'original' finish tabs from sainsburys delivery and bloody LEMON ones were subsituted!!! I didn't accept them.

Does anybody else smell the lemon on the dishes, or am i going mad (my DH thinks i am).

Elliptic5 Thu 15-Dec-11 14:13:42

I agree, I absolutely hate lemon dishwasher tabs - artificial lemon stuff makes me wheeze as well, definitely not going mad maybenow.

PigletJohn Thu 15-Dec-11 15:42:35

I can smell it and don't like it.

maybenow Thu 15-Dec-11 17:31:40

so what do you who hate the lemon smell use?

i think finish normal ones are fine... but expensive.. was considering ecover but not sure how well they work??

PigletJohn Thu 15-Dec-11 18:01:36

I use Tesco Value brand (as recommended by "Which")

GwendolineMaryLacedwithBrandy Thu 15-Dec-11 18:09:18

Tesco value brand here too and no smell.

valiumredhead Thu 15-Dec-11 18:19:27

Yes I agree - we use Finish instead.

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 15-Dec-11 20:06:54

I use tesco daisy powder, it's lemon scented but I cant smell anything lemony in it tbh. I only use a level dessert spoon in each wash too. Works out cheaper than tablets.

lljkk Thu 15-Dec-11 20:13:06

I use the basic ones (no salt) in Lidl. Clean fine & No horrid after-stink.
Ecover one also fine for us (and not smelly).

oreocrumbs Thu 15-Dec-11 22:21:39

Aldi classic dishwasher tablets - another which recommends. Cheap too grin

NotJustForClassic Thu 15-Dec-11 22:24:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Catsmamma Thu 15-Dec-11 22:28:51

we usually use the fairy ones...bit jelly ish, but with a powder section. I have found recently the spatulas are smelling of lemon and I thought i could smell/taste it on the cutlery but wasn't sure.

lou33 Thu 15-Dec-11 22:34:43

I use sainsburys basic ones, they cost under £2 and i cannot see how they are any different from the expensive brands. Also no smell

GobHoblin Fri 16-Dec-11 11:28:24

Tesco Daisy here grin)

Sanesometimes1 Sat 17-Dec-11 13:35:01

Tesco daisy here too ! works just as well as fairy etc, I do however use rinse aid and salt seperately ( i.e. don't by the 5 in one daisy).

echt Sat 17-Dec-11 19:41:08

Aldi powder. Cheap as.

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 17-Dec-11 20:01:18

my aldi doesnt sell powder only tabs, how much is it and how big is the container?

PigletJohn Sat 17-Dec-11 23:06:33

The Aldi all-in-one are another Which best buy (but IMO separate salt and rinse aid are better than all in one tabs)

Aldi Magnum All in 1 Complete
£3.99 for 40 tablets

Score: 74%

Cost per wash: 10p

MsMarple Sat 17-Dec-11 23:13:50

I can't bear any of the smelly ones - Tesco Naturally ones are the best I've found so far, without resorting to expensive options from the healthfood shop!

MustControlMincepieOfDeath Sat 17-Dec-11 23:14:21

Wilkinsons own, no problems with them whatsoever. And cheap as chips.

MynameisnotEarl Sat 17-Dec-11 23:30:55

I've used the Fairy lemon jelly-ish ones too and they make plastic bowls and jugs smell a bit. In fact when I use those items in the microwave, the food tastes lemony as well.

I like Aldi 5 in 1 tablets best.

echt Mon 19-Dec-11 06:39:01

The Aldi powder stuff is called Logix and comes in kilo plastic boxes. Can't think of the price right now, but it 's in dollars, anyway, packed in Australia.

I think part of the deal about allowing Aldi in is that a certain amount of stuff has to be Australian. You don't get quite the range you'd get in a European Aldi. And Lidl not at all.

JimbosJetSet Mon 19-Dec-11 06:43:47

Has anyone found good cheap liquidy ones? Which ever powder or solid tabs we use, they don't dissolve properly (perhaps its down to ancient dishwasher).

PigletJohn Mon 19-Dec-11 10:54:47

if they are not dissolving, it might be that the water in your dwr is not getting hot (enough). Open the door during a washing cycle to check

or it might be that the hatch is not opening correctly. In which case you can put the tablet in the cutlery basket, and it will dissolve during the hot washing cycle (but not much in the cold pre-wash)

LapsedPacifist Mon 19-Dec-11 11:34:13

We have an ancient Bosch dishwasher which I bought second-hand 11 years ago - it is utterly reliable and never goes wrong, even after spending 2 years in a garage between house moves. Tesco Value or Aldi tablets work perfectly well in it. Cannot understand why other brands so outrageously expensive.

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