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Emma Bridgewater spots of hearts?!

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bebemad Wed 30-Nov-11 13:50:02

I am really stuck as which to choose!

or another heart print

or spots

breadsauceandhoneyroastham Wed 30-Nov-11 13:51:44

Emma Bridgewater hearts would be my number one choice, but we have the EB spots, as DH thought the hearts were "too girly"!

fedupofnamechanging Wed 30-Nov-11 21:09:50

EB hearts. Without a doubt.

redglow Thu 01-Dec-11 22:50:37


Popbiscuit Thu 01-Dec-11 22:53:06

EB spots.

ParkerRocks Thu 01-Dec-11 23:04:45

I have the 2nd ones as they are labelled tea, coffee and sugar, can't stand working my way through until I find the right one! (DH never puts things back properly!) I also have the spots which I use to store flour, caster sugar etc. If I had to choose my favourite I'd go with the hearts, but both are lovely cheerful patterns!

bizmum1 Mon 06-Jul-15 19:10:51

Buy both and mix them up - bit naff to have all matchy matchy

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