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Where to buy leather sofas? Darlings of Chelsea? Or sofas generally?

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PetronellaSterling Sat 12-Nov-11 13:52:11

I think we finally have to accept that our "only-7-years-old" leather sofas have been dying a death for some time and are now finally deceased. But we do still like leather sofas and rather than completely re-plan the living room, it would probably just be easier to get another two (one 2-seater and one 3-seater). Looking online, I came across these people and this sofa specifically: Has anyone used them? Anything good or bad to report? I've found some scary reviews online that put me off, but that's the kind of thing we're looking for and in the right coloured leather. Everywhere else seems only to do dark chocolate leather which wouldn't work in our rather dark living room. But am I missing a trick? Should we go for non-leather? And if yes, what? We have two kids and a black Lab, so it needs to be practical and (in particular) not show dog hairs...

JingleAllTheSoddingWay Sat 12-Nov-11 23:27:33

We just got a gorgeously comfy sofa (2seater & 3seater) from Furniture Village. It was expensive @ £2000 but they had a huge range of colours and they let us pay it off bit by bit. Once we had paid the full amount it was in our house in 3 days. I think it's called Carolina.

The muck from the kids is just wiping off so easily.

Otherwise, sorry but haven't used the company in the link.

BettyBleu Sun 13-Nov-11 00:02:56

DFS Biba is similar

kirkbowles Mon 04-Apr-16 18:54:42

Purchased a suite from here and within 6 months the foam had given way, its like sitting in a bucket. When i phoned they went straight on the defence citing consumer and vendor rights even though i was just calling to see what they would recommend.They came and put another layer on top of the disintegrated foam. I explained that this had not resolved the problem and got a very stock answer. they consider it to be repaired to the manufacturers standard. Buyers beware.

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