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How to remove curry stain?

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MangoMonster Sat 05-Nov-11 08:33:29

from a cream leather sofa? sad

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 05-Nov-11 13:22:22


I would ring a professional company to come and quote you for it.

The problem with pale leathers is that they are essentially painted or coated. The dye can rub off really easily.

GetOrfMo1Land Sat 05-Nov-11 13:23:48


I think if the stain is turmeric based you are screwed.

I agree call a professional leather cleaning company - I think trying something yourself may well make it worse.

I would also suggest really shouting at the person who dropped the curry.

I have got a curry stain out of a cream leather boot with bright sunshine, worth a try?

MangoMonster Sat 05-Nov-11 13:32:15

It was my dad while kindly babysitting for us. So shouting not an option ;). Oh well sad

MangoMonster Sat 05-Nov-11 13:36:41

Stupid colour for a sofa anyway... Know idea of thought of that blush

MangoMonster Sat 05-Nov-11 13:37:10

Stupid colour for a sofa anyway... No idea of thought of that blush

MangoMonster Sat 05-Nov-11 14:01:38

Managed to remove most of it with indelible ink remover! Only very faint Mark left.

Thanks for your help thanks

GetOrfMo1Land Sat 05-Nov-11 14:01:52

My DP used to have a cream leather sofa, and his young son scribbled all over it with black biro.

Nowt got it off.

Cream sofas are a baaaaad idea with children (and curry eating dads) around.

MangoMonster Sat 05-Nov-11 14:08:10

The indellible ink remover is pretty good with biro and now turmeric is seems!

MangoMonster Sat 05-Nov-11 14:08:53

Plus scrubbing with a tooth brush.

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 05-Nov-11 15:14:57

You could probably get the company who made it to come and paint that bit for a charge.

Worth emailing them. Turmerics a nightmare.

treacletart Sat 05-Nov-11 22:18:32

Milton Sterilising fluid is supposed to be very good indeed on curry stains

ScarletStar Sun 02-Mar-14 14:11:29

I know this is a very old thread but I was googling and THANK YOU! I just cleaned turmeric stains out of our cream leather sofa using a crushed up wet milton tablet. Saved my life!!Now no one will know...

EmNetta Tue 04-Mar-14 22:25:41

Thanks so much for these suggestions. When DH dropped curry container on pale blue carpet, I thought I'd tried everything, nothing moved it, so am putting these suggestions in household book.

KatoPotato Tue 04-Mar-14 22:27:13

fairy liquid gets it out of cotton?

amer123 Sun 05-Jun-16 06:16:49

As mentioned in an earlier post, ese a Milton Sterilising Tablet (£1.35 at Boots) and mix with a little bit of water so that it is like a watery paste. Rub it into the leather and then leave and wipe off.

Got Tumeric/Curry stains off the cream leather seats of my BMW 525d.

Works perfectly.


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