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is there a way to clean a cream rug without a carpet cleaner vacuum thing?

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HeresTheScaryThingBooyhoo Tue 25-Oct-11 00:06:33

i have a vax carpet cleaner but it is broken and i can't afford to have it fixed, my rugs have gotten very grubby, to the point where i rolled them all up and put them away but with the cold weather i need to get them back down again ( gappy wooden floors). so is there a product i can buy that will bring them up nice or at least presentable? preferably one that has been proven to work as i dont want to be spending a lot of money for it not to work. (i have a lot of rugs)

HeresTheScaryThingBooyhoo Tue 25-Oct-11 12:32:59


I used a vanish carpet mousse thing which restored my cream rug - you spray it on and rub it in with a sponge - we used our clean sponge mop. Leave to dry and then hoover.

Lakeland do some pretty good stuff too.

HeresTheScaryThingBooyhoo Tue 25-Oct-11 17:43:25

thanks sugar.

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