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Dualit toaster stopped working - how can I eliminate the burnt smell from my kitchen?

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walkbesideme Mon 24-Oct-11 12:56:41

Last weekend our expensive, but cr*p, Dualit toaster stopped working mid-rotation, meaning our kitchen was filled with dark grey acrid smoke. It really was so thick I couldn't find the doors or windows, etc. Quite scary as we live in a barn.

Anyway, my kitchen still smells of smoke. Short of a complete repaint, has anyone got any suggestions for getting rid of the smell? I've washed the walls, 'Ousted' everything and cleaned the floor, but all I can smell is smoke. Any help appreciated.

PS If you own a Dualit toaster, be careful in case the rotational timer stops working - you'll think the cycle has finished, but it hasn't. It continues to cook your toast until you physically have to turn the machine off at the wall.

PigletJohn Tue 25-Oct-11 18:53:10

All I know is opening the windows.

You could also try those scented candles.

With a bit of time, it will fade, and disappear under the usual household scents of Pledge, chip-frying and Chanel no. 5

p.s. As you don't like your Dualit, can I have it? I'll fit a new timer. I'll swap you a smoke detector for it.

echt Wed 26-Oct-11 07:33:36

The smell will fade.

Send the toaster back to Dualit HQ in Crawley and get a repair and service. The build number, like the VIN on a car engine, will mean it goes back to the gnome who made it. This worth paying for.

In Oz there are no Dualit repairs sad , so we've had to track down some interested nutcase to do servicing work.

Catsmamma Wed 26-Oct-11 07:37:30

the timers are wilful....I had to take mine to pieces and squoosh 3-in-one into it.

and it has been fine since then.

On a safety point toasters should never be left unattended. And you can get new timers for them.

If the smoke was so bad I guess it is a redecoration issue. eeek!

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