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replicating winter candle scent

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clangermum Sat 22-Oct-11 17:17:48

Is it possible to get the same scent as the white company's winter candle by putting drops of cinnamon, clove and orange oil on a regular non-scented thick church type candle, or would it just spit? I love the winter candle but not the price, and have two out of the three oils already.

AgentProvocateur Sat 22-Oct-11 17:28:48

Buy a burner thing, and add the oils to water - I'm sure it will smell as good as the WC candle.

I bought one that smeller very similar in Sainsbury's - it was on special offer, and it was in with the air freshners. I can't remember the brand, but it was a white candle in a clear glass. Maybe Airwick

clangermum Sun 23-Oct-11 10:43:41

Great idea - once I work out the proportions of the three oils I'll mix up a batch in a dropper bottle

OneHandFlapping Sun 23-Oct-11 10:55:19

I got a ready blended mix of Christmas oils called "Noel" from a health food shop- cheaper than buying the individual oils. I mix it with vodka and use as a room spray, (Kim and Aggie tip) as I don't like the fumes candles give off.

clangermum Sun 23-Oct-11 20:39:01

Will look out for this to see how it compares. Nice tip!

acrunchieandacupoftea Mon 24-Oct-11 00:02:37

You spray vodka round your rooms? Really? I would like to try that... Does it not leave marks or any strange smell?

OneHandFlapping Mon 24-Oct-11 10:24:48

No strange smell or marks, but then I don't spray it directly onto stuff. Apparently the vodka preserves the scent of the oil better than water.

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