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with what do you wipe?

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ElaineReese Fri 21-Oct-11 10:28:52

I think that manky washing up sponges which don't get replaced every week should not be used to wipe the table after eating. They leave water marks.

I think that the e-cloths which regularly get washed on a hot wash should be used to wipe stuff.

What do you wipe surfaces and tables with, I wonder?

also AIBU to have had massive argument with dp last night for his persistent refusal to wipe the table with cloth rather than sponge, and is he BU to aver that her is 'REPELLED' by the cloth wink

dexter73 Fri 21-Oct-11 11:42:35

If your dh is wiping the table then it is up to him what he uses.
I use a cloth to wipe the table but that leaves water marks too.

alemci Fri 21-Oct-11 11:50:47

the kitchen cloth which i wipe the sides down with. it is usually replaced every couple of days. We have place mats on the table

ElaineReese Fri 21-Oct-11 11:58:59

Fair point dexter but I didn't ask him to wipe it wink.

HeresTheScaryThingBooyhoo Fri 21-Oct-11 12:05:11

i use a clean dishcloth that then goes straight in the wash.

AheadlesswomancalledHorse Fri 21-Oct-11 12:11:58

I dust the dining table/surfaces with one of DH's old socks (picks up dust & fur better than an Ecloth, plus I can wear it on my hand like a demented fluff obsessed puppet).
For wiping up spills I've always used the mankier of the tea towels or one of those cellouse sponge thing I've found for spills are beer mats (but I keep on forgetting to buy replacement ones).

Swerving Sat 22-Oct-11 11:49:39

I use cotton cloths as I find they are more absorbent than man made cloths.
Terry towelling is best of all as the little loops pick up and hold onto stuff. Does the job nice and quick.

Have recently discovered microfibre cloths which are great for glass and stainless steel.

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