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yellow food colour on dark blue cut pile

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yawningmonster Fri 21-Oct-11 08:49:06

I love my ds, I love my ds, I love my ds (I haven't had the best day with ds so far)

He has spilled an entire bottle of yellow colour on our blue carpet. It is now green. We got a handbook thingee when it was laid which has instruction for dye of blot up worst. Drizzle with soda water and allow to fizzle then blot again. So not working!!!

I did ring the insurance company today and they are sending around their commercial cleaning people to try to out it.

If that is not good it is re-carpet time. Stain is in dining room which is all-in one with living, leads to hall and bedrooms all the same now obsolete carpet. Please tell me they won't want to do the whole lot? I don't want badly matched carpet but I don't think I can face packing up the entire house for re-carpeting.

I know I am probably getting ahead of myself but any experiences of

A. Getting the stain out (hopeful)
B. Matching to end of line carpets
C. Completely re-carpeting (is it akin to moving house....trying not to faint)

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