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Bugger! "Washable" paint on blinds!

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houseworkhorror Thu 20-Oct-11 09:26:33

I hadn't realised that DD2 was too close to the window when she was painting with ELC easy painters and she was a bit too enthusiastic. sad Now we have paint splashes on the blind, and they have dried on. I have tried baby wipes and they haven't worked. Does anyone have any great ideas. They are blinds like this.

pud1 Thu 20-Oct-11 09:30:20

I used to have normal vertical blinds. Used to take each slat off and soak in bath with a little wash powder and hang back while still quite wet. Can you take thenidividual slatts off

houseworkhorror Thu 20-Oct-11 10:04:24

I can certainly detach them at the bottom, I'll have a look at the top. We inherited the blinds when we bought the house, so I'm not really familiar with their workings. Sounds like a good option to try though.

I am in a bit of a state about it, as DH is (reasonably) not very impressed and it really doesn't add anything to the decor. Didn't help to google how much it would be to replace, either. sad

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