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headinclouds101 Wed 19-Oct-11 15:33:27

We have loads of these in the house mainly due to DH travelling on upmarket airlines and bringing back all the freebies. Keep trying to whittle down with no luck - this time I will be ruthless!
How many do you think I should have for a family of 4? Bear in mind that I alone can generally fill 3 largish ones on our main holiday and most of the freebie ones I have are quite small - largish makeup bag size approx.
Also - what to do with all the tiny toileteries we can't use. Hate to throw then out - but not sure if any good to charity shops.

Furball Thu 20-Oct-11 07:19:55

Could you make up either the washbags or little baskets with the toiletries as tombola/raffle prizes at your child/rens school?

or - If you contacted your HV she could arrange for them to be sent to a womens refuge smile

headinclouds101 Fri 21-Oct-11 17:03:02

Thanks - I used to do the school thing - but they don't want small prizes any more.

I like the idea of women's refuge

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