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I need to rethink my whole food shopping regime.

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TheOriginalFAB Wed 19-Oct-11 14:05:11

I have 3 children, one husband, 3 animals and some fish to feed.

I cook twice a night as DH doesn't get home in time to eat with the children but I don't mind that as I love cooking and on a weekend we all eat together at every meal.

The children have packed lunches at school.

I have been extremely fussy about what the children eat but I am sure I could spend less but still feed my children a good, varied diet without buying 1% meat burgers and the like.

I am not willing to compromise on milk and it has to be organic but everything else I am open to change.

I realise I have been seduced by brand names in lots of ways but have never had anyone to educate me about what is fine so need that help now.

My children do get cake, biscuits, crisps so I am not over the top.

They won't eat lentils, noodles or beansprouts but the boys will pretty much eat everything. DD not so much. The boys are 6 and ten and dd is 8. The boys have really big appetites, dd not so big.

BoffinMum Wed 19-Oct-11 18:07:54

I think there's no major nutritional advantage to organic food so I would not worry about that if you are trying to save money. It's more important that the food is as fresh as possible.

Why not have a look at the menu plans and shopping lists on my blog and see if they inspire you to try a different approach? There are also weekend cookfests you might enjoy as well.

TheOriginalFAB Wed 19-Oct-11 18:18:53

Thank you, I will have a look.

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