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Fleece underblanket?

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AngelDog Tue 18-Oct-11 21:27:06

Would putting a fleece blanket underneath the fitted sheet keep you warmer at night?

I'm trying to think of ways to help my 21 m.o. DS (and me) keep warm in a very cold loft room (other than putting the heating on. wink) We sleep on a mattress on the floor.

BlackCatinaWitchesHatonaBroom Tue 18-Oct-11 22:22:14


I don't know to be honest, We put a fleece blanket over our quilt and if it gets really cold I have been know to put a jumper on myself (in bed). Not quite sure about how you would keep ds warmer.
My dd (she is nearly 3) now has a toddler quilt with a small blanket on top but if she feels too warm I will take the blanket off.

Sorry if that is not much help. Do you have a baby monitor? the only reason I ask is that ours has a thermometer which tells us how warm the room is.

dizzyday07 Tue 18-Oct-11 23:28:19

Maybe putting something under the mattress would help - I was thinking cardboard - but I may well be wrong! blush

My DD slept in a sleeping bag at that age - not a camping type one but a grobag - with then blankets if needed.

If you add extra blankets to the bed put them UNDER the duvet. If you put them on top it crushes the air out of the filling which is what they need to keep you warm!

Matronalia Tue 18-Oct-11 23:35:10

Fleece blanket on top of the mattress and underneath you works very well (do this every year for my two DC). If it gets really cold you can sleep on top of a duvet as well as underneath one , really keeps the warmth in.

AngelDog Wed 19-Oct-11 14:05:20

Thanks, I'll give that a try. Cardboard under the mattress would be worth a go too.

DS wears a sleeping bag with a variable number of layers of clothing. In the same room, I have a duvet and wear winter PJs with a vest and a cardigan and I was still freezing last night. hmm

It's a loft room so the temperature really drops at night. I meant to look at the thermometer when I woke up, but I couldn't track it down in the semi-darkness.

That was a good tip about blankets & duvets - I've always put blankets on top of duvets and I'd wondered why it never felt that much warmer. Now I know why!

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