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Getting rid of damp smell - your top tips pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

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Horrible damp smell through the whole house.

I had black stuff growing up my toilet pipe hmm (the thin one that brings cold water to the loo), on the wall around it and on the kitchen ceiling directly below it. I kept cleaning it and it kept coming back. I think the whole place has just got thoroughly soaked from my youngest flooding the bathroom.

I have bleached it all and scrubbed and scrubbed. But I can't get rid of the damp smell. I opened all the windows for a few days (closing at night, obviously) to try to air it out. That didn't work. I cranked up the heating to 30 shock for 2 days solid in case it needs drying out. That didn't work.

What else?

Wrigglebum Sun 16-Oct-11 17:14:02

Do you know anyone who could lend you a dehumidifier? Or you might be able to hire one somewhere maybe. That should dry the house out a bit. We live in the west country and opening the windows just lets in more damp air smile. We bought a dehumidifier as we were getting a very damp spare room from drying washing, sorted it a treat and now the washing dries in half the time and I don't use the dryer much these days.
The mould on the bathroom ceiling is another matter, I feel a thread coming on...

Hadn't thought of a dehumidifier blush I'll have a look around. Thanks.

Pudden Mon 17-Oct-11 09:47:06

def. humidifier; I got a Delonghi10 one from Ebay for £45 delivered and it is fantastic. Gets rid of condensation, stops mildew and mould growing and alos removes that awful musty damp smell

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