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Kitchenaid attachments......which ones do you use??

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mrsv2 Wed 12-Oct-11 08:44:25

I have a kitchenaid which i absolutley love but only have the 3 attachments that came with the purchase ( paddle, whisk and dough hook) and out of these its mainly the paddle that i use. I dont have a food processor so which attachments do you use and are they worth spending the money on??? or should i just save up to buy a processor aswell.

napa Wed 12-Oct-11 14:11:15

I have a flexi-beater for my kitchenaid - like the paddle but one side is rubbery so it scrapes the bowl as it mixes - means things mix better and quicker. Not sure about other attachments as I have a food processor so don't have any of them! I mainly use my food processor for chopping fairly large volumes, so don't think anything would attach to the kitchenaid to do that!

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