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How do you get zombie flesh out of carpets?

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EmpressOfTheVampireSkulls Mon 10-Oct-11 22:43:48

It's a long story but Sephrenia and I found it necessary to attack MNHQ with a zombie army, and MNHQ have asked me to start a thread for advice on how to get the zombie mess out of their carpets.

Any suggestions?

<grabs Merlot and runs back into the thread>

I did! I agree with their assessment, it was beyond surreal but funny as hell.

I wonder if in a years time we'll be reminiscing about the Zombie Invasion and newbies will all be wondering what the hell we're on about? grin

EmpressOfTheVampireSkulls Thu 13-Oct-11 18:56:23

It will be one of those things people mention when they've namechanged and want to prove they're an MNer.

Shiney penguins, Pinot's kittens, Chaos's toaster & the zombie attack on MNHQ....


<Grabs biscuits>


EmpressOfTheVampireSkulls Thu 13-Oct-11 19:58:24

<locks door, gets out rest of biscuits and has another glass of wine>

<sits with Empress and drinks her wine >

I think we've all done a pretty good job here grin

EmpressOfTheVampireSkulls Fri 14-Oct-11 13:26:20

<clinks glasses with Sephrenia> Me too.

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