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Spray Paint on Brand New Clothes.

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WannabeNigella Mon 10-Oct-11 08:04:34

I'm so pee'd off!

DS had to be a pirate on Friday for World Book Day so I ended up buying some gorgeous Polarno O Pyret Pj's so he could have the top as a stripy pirate top and then wear them for the next year or so (They are adjustable on sleeves and legs to last 2 yrs)

He came home on Friday with what I think is spray paint from another costume smeared all over them (big sections) I have tried washing them with Vanish and Ariel Stain Remover etc but to no avail at all, which is what makes me convinced it's paint of some kind. Can anyone give me a wonder tip for getting it off so I don't have to put brand new £22 pj's in the bin??


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