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How to care for my iron

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gruesomerottingteeth Fri 07-Oct-11 19:48:58

DP and I cant agree with what to do with the iron cord. He thinks when you put it back in the cupboard the cord should just be left to flow free. This really pisses me off 'cos it just gets in the way. I think the cord should be wrapped around the base of the iron where it is clearly meant to go. He says this will make the cord get kinks in it, wouldn't it be more likely to get kinks in from being left loose?

We have this iron btw, as you can see there is clearly space for the cord to be wrapped round the base.

I obviously feel very strongly about this, please tell me I am right!

caughtinanet Sat 08-Oct-11 16:43:27

Are you really meant to wrap the cord between the metal plate and the body of the iron, is that what you mean ?

I wouldn't wrap it there as I would think it might make the plate loose but it would annoy me to have to just stuff it in the cupboard each time.

I don't find that electric flexes ever get kinks in.

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