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Gas hob wont stop firing!

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nokissymum Fri 07-Oct-11 18:21:13

has anyone come across this before, one out of four hobs keeps firing all the time unless i switch the gas off on the wall, its so annoying. It been like this for 2 yrs. I had an oven cleaning company come in to clean the oven and hobs so its all nice and sparkly now smile but even he had to comment on the firing knob. Does anyone have any ideas ?

ClartyScutter Fri 07-Oct-11 18:22:42

can i ask what you mean by firing? if you mean a constant flow of gas then one of the shut-off valves is knackered and needs attention.

nokissymum Fri 07-Oct-11 18:32:17

This particular hob keeps making a firing sound, the spitting noise you hear when you've just turned the ignition to light the hob, only it makes this sound all the time, even when you havent tried to switch it on, you can also see a tiny spark each time the firing noise happens.

Have i confused you even further ? blush

ClartyScutter Fri 07-Oct-11 18:34:50

ah, you mean the ignition spark?

you know when you say you switch the gas off at the wall, is it a normal on/off switch. like on a plug socket?

nokissymum Fri 07-Oct-11 18:39:54

Yes, it like a normal wall switch, its the mains that supplies gas to the cooker, the 3 other hobs are fine its just the front left one.

wwydmoney Fri 07-Oct-11 18:42:28

DH (gas engineer) says it usually happens when the crystals get damp/wet, or the ignition mechanism is stuck.

ClartyScutter Fri 07-Oct-11 18:44:12

yes, the wall switch is an electrical one, not a gas one. it controls electricity supply to your ignition.

it's jammed by the sounds of it, no amount of cleaning will stop it, you'll need to get someone in i'm afraid.

wwyd's DH perhaps grin

nokissymum Fri 07-Oct-11 18:46:40

oooooh! So does dh know who we need to callout ? Gas engineer, neff engineer or is it something i can fix smile thank you.

Mandy2003 Fri 07-Oct-11 20:12:47

I spilled a load of water on the worktop which tsunami'd onto the hob and the hob's ignition set off clicking & sparking for ages. I put the oven on under the hob and heated the side that had got wet with a hairdryer and eventually the clicking slowed down and stopped. Took well over an hour though.

Did the problem start when the cleaning company had got at the cooker by any chance? My parents had their cooker cleaned by a company who managed to erase all the temperature markings from the knobs - try cooking a Christmas dinner with no idea of the oven's temperature? Never again!

nokissymum Sat 08-Oct-11 07:44:28

mandy2003 no, we've had this problem for years.

SardineQueen Sat 08-Oct-11 07:53:04

mandy ours started doing this after we had it cleaned (for the first and last time - they were rubbish).


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