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What do you consider to be the basics?

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RainboweBrite Wed 05-Oct-11 21:49:28

I'm just being curious and wondering if anyone else is the same? I am good at tidying, de-cluttering and keeping on top of the washing-up, dishwasher, kitchen surfaces and laundry, but I don't think I'm much cop at cleaning.
Here's what I do and roughly how often:
Bathrooms (3, although 1's an en-suite and 1's a tiny w.c.) once a week.
Vacuum upstairs every other week.
Vacuum downstairs once or twice a week.
Mop the kitchen floor about once a fortnight, although I think I should do it at least twice a week.
Wipe the bin lids down whenever I empty them, but I can't remember the last time I cleaned them thoroughly (obviously I use bin liners!).
A window cleaner cleans the outside windows about once a month or so, but I don't remember cleaning the insides in the 2 years we've lived in this house.
I make my husband clean the oven every 3-6 months (we are vegetarian, but I think it would need it more if we ate meat).
I usually clean the 'fridge once every 2 months, although I think I should do it once a month. I am very good at using up food on time and I always know exactly what's in my 'fridge and freezer.
I never dust or polish, although once in a while I remember to clean screens and mirrors with glass cleaner.
I am more or less a S.A.H.M. (I teach very occasionally) with only one d.c., who's 9. Am I incredibly lazy or have I achieved a good balance? Any others who like tidying, but not cleaning?

AutumnHues Wed 05-Oct-11 22:32:00

I think it sounds like you are doing well, I consider the basics as:
Washing up, laundry, and a clean bathroom and kitchen, keeping the house useable if that is the right

RainboweBrite Wed 05-Oct-11 22:41:48

Thanks AutumnHues. I often feel lazy when I hear/read about how often other people clean compared to me! Hope there will be some more responses.

winnybella Wed 05-Oct-11 22:53:29

We live in a flat.
Bathroom- depends, bath is scrubbed every day for DD's bath, sink whenever needed, maybe 2 times a week
Vacuum-once a week, but will do it more often under and around dinner table or in the kitchen
Dust-when I remember, maybe once every month or two
Fridge-once every 2 months roughly, but like you I keep everything properly packaged etc so no leakage
Wash kitchen floor-once a week or two
Windows-hmm, never since we moved here 4 years ago. No,maybe once or twice, actually?
Other than that I make sure the toys are put away every evening, all rooms are relatively tidy etc.

startail Wed 05-Oct-11 23:02:21

If I could find my surfaces to wipe them or my floor to Hoover it I'd be verysmile.
However, since I can't I'm quite happy if the dishwasher is filled and emptied and the laundry done and put away. Actually feeling quite chuffed because every one has clean bed clothes, all the old ones are washed and put away, towels are washed and the laundry baskets only contain this weeks things. Thank you Sunny Weather.
A lot of long term clutter is slowly disappearing upstairs and great heaps of stuff are destined for the charity shop.

secretsorrow Thu 06-Oct-11 11:48:00

I keep kitchen surfaces clean and clear, beds made and the loo is ALWAYS clean in case of visitors! I bleach it most days, and wipe the basin and put a fresh hand towel in there weekly or more often if needed. I spray the shower every time it's used and empty the bins most days. I also have a thing about re-plumping the sofa cushions as soon as I get off it... I probably only hoover or dust every month or three though.

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