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where to put the dolls house?

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razors Tue 04-Oct-11 23:02:30

Santa bought a beautiful wooden dolls house last Christmas for youngest dd. I did have it on the floor but it was difficult to reach the bottom floor; so I put it on top of a chest of drawers but now it's too high for her to reach the top floor unless she stands on a stool. I need a low level table/stand which is quite sturdy as the house is very heavy.......any ideas?

Jdore Wed 05-Oct-11 10:09:24

My DH raised dd house by attaching four blocks in each corner ( just wood sanded and varnished ) It hasn't spoilt the house in anyway.

razors Wed 05-Oct-11 12:55:39

Oh that's a good idea! thank you - I'll see what granddad has in the garden shed.

Mandy2003 Thu 06-Oct-11 20:20:15

On an oak bench like this

razors Fri 07-Oct-11 23:16:03

Thank you Mandy - that looks nice and sturdy! it's quite a heavy dolls house so would need something like that.

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