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Fire safety

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TettyLouBar Tue 04-Oct-11 20:54:22

Not sure whether Ive posted this in the right place. Apologies if you think it belongs elsewhere.

We have always had to fireangel extinguishers in the home since having DD1. One upstairs and one down. DH and I are in agreement about where they're kept and have a rough idea of how we would deal with fire in the home if it ever happened. Just wondered when and how you deal with fire safety and general home safety with LO's?
DD1 is 3yr4mo. Is this too young to discuss a plan with? i.e. if she woke first and discovered a fire what should she do etc?
Am I being stupid even thinking of this yet? What are your thoughts? What do you do?

MrsMagnolia Tue 04-Oct-11 21:14:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TettyLouBar Tue 04-Oct-11 21:23:00

yeah thats what I thought really. Just wondered what others have done. Our extinguishers are only here to use as a last resort to get to an exit etc.

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