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E-Mops - are they really that good?

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MooMinCow Tue 04-Oct-11 11:44:55

am tempted to buy one as will be near a Lakeland on Thursday. Are they worth the money? I have something similar from Sainsbos, but it's crap, flimsy handle, hard to control etc, so don't want to spend £20+ on something similar!

we have laminate in living room, dining area and vinyl in kitchen, and so want something quick to use, as I HATE mopping! All that faff with water, buckets etc drives me mad!

ANiceCupofTeaandASitDown Tue 04-Oct-11 12:04:02

Im sorry to say I have one and dont think its that good for getting the floor clean. Its good if you just want a quick wipe over as its very easy to use, I mainly now use the 'dry' mop part to swish over my floors to pick up any escaped crumbs etc before using the mop and bucket for a proper clean.

oneofthegiantsisme Tue 04-Oct-11 12:09:31

I've had one from Lakeland for years, and my view is that it depends on the floor & the dirt!
I vacuum to get up crumbs before I mop, and the E-mop does a brilliant job on our laminate floor in the dining room. It's OK on the vinyl in the utility room, too, though it struggles with serious dirt/black marks.
We've got Marmoleum (old-fashioned proper lino) in the kitchen, and it gets up basic marks on that but can't deal with tea-stains etc, but I'm not sure what would. What possessed me to buy cream floor for the kitchen? I need to scrub with a brush for that (which happens once a year or so blush).
I haven't gone back to buckets, anyway - maybe that says more about me than the mop (I'll put up with a few marks for the sake of convenience)!

MooMinCow Tue 04-Oct-11 16:42:49

hmm, may stick to my crappy one then - was expecting miracles!

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