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I need some form of order/rota

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pyjamasinbananas Tue 04-Oct-11 08:13:48

Can anyone share any tips on how to get everything done during the day? I'm struggling to keep on top of things. More so when DS isn't at nursery! Any advice would be great!

ballstoit Tue 04-Oct-11 21:27:35

I have a daily list;
Wash Up x 2, wipe down kitchen sides and sweep floor.(morning and evening)
Hoover Living Room and Dining Room without moving furniture (as soon as DC asleep)
1 Load of washing (load in the morning and switch on as we leave for school)
Prepare evening meal (before school if I'm not going to be in or afternoon while DD2 has her Peppa Pig fix, used to do when she had afternoon nap)
Lay out clothes for tomorrow (while DC in the bath)
Iron anything needed for tomorrow (while DC in the bath, I have an extra ironing board upstairs)

A weekly list;
Change beds
Plan food for the week and do supermarket shop
Scrub kitchen floor
Proper clean bathroom (swill bath and sink and clean loo after DC bath at night)
Hoover bedrooms, landing and stairs
Do proper hoover of living room and dining room
Garden - mow and sweep as required depending on time of year
Empty ironing basket.

Each day I do the daily list (some days more thoroughly than others) and one or two bits from the weekly list. If I know I've got extra stuff to do, like meetings at school or assignments due in at uni, then I do extra at the weekends or in the evenings.

When things get really on top of me, I do a whole house list, and then work through it over the course of a month. This happens about twice a year...after summer holidays and when I finish uni for the year in April. I'm beginning to worry what will happen when I'm working full time...but that's a whole other thread.

BoffinMum Wed 05-Oct-11 10:33:09

Try my schedule here on the blog.

Weekly Cleaning Schedule

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