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Is there a block of something I can put in the cistern to help dissolve limescale?

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SmudgyDVDsAreEvil Mon 03-Oct-11 19:28:42

Don't want the Bloo type things, would prefer something natural-ish if poss. Reason being that the toilet has mysteriously started to splash all over the seat when being flushed, and one reason could be that the path from the cistern is encrusted with limescale - possibly confused

Any suggestions gratefully received.

nickymills Mon 03-Oct-11 19:53:17

I have just bought domestos limescale remover, and found it worked really well, but i do love a bit of bleach lol, but, good old kim and aggie use white vinegar with bicarb, i think, empty the toilet bowl of water, and mix the vinegar and bicarb, so its quite think, and leave on the bowl, not sure but think it will help, when you come to flush xxx

krisskross Mon 03-Oct-11 19:58:14

hi, tragically i am an expert on this! grin
the harpic limescale remover tablets that you drop in the loo once a week overnight are the best product i have found for this (we love in a v hard water area so builds up fast). i would recommend using them every week overnight then bashing it with loo brush the next morning.

if it has really built up the only thing that works is to get the water out (takes bloody ages with a can or yogurt pot!) then pour loads of white vinegar all over. leave a few hours or as long as poss then scrub off. its amazing. literally comes off in lumps!!!! But only without the water in, otherwise doesnt work at all.

SmudgyDVDsAreEvil Mon 03-Oct-11 22:37:46

Thanks folks, will give those a try and see if it makes a difference. I think the tricky thing is getting the tube between the cistern and the rim limescale free - though maybe that isn't the problem anyway, dunno.

The splashing thing is blardy annoying though!

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