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toilet cleaning

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lucytails Sun 02-Oct-11 10:11:17

ok i know this probably isn't the most interesting topic but can someone answer me a few questions i have when it comes to cleaning the loo. How often do you squirt stuff down the loo, do you use a bleach or a cleaner like toilet duck, and do you use a rim block or cistern block?

stofstg Sun 02-Oct-11 10:38:54

yeah i'll answer for you. I squirt something down daily, i alternate between domestos bleach for daily clean and harpic limescale stuff when i do deep clean of bathroom once a week, and i use a bloo cistern block to keep it smelling nice when it flushes.

lucytails Sun 02-Oct-11 11:09:38

yeah i only ask because a few months ago i thought i'd do the good thing change to the ecover toilet cleaner from my usual bleach, but i find that it doesn't actually do a good job of keeping the loo clean. it seems to build up dirt under the rim and around the waterline more quicker than a bleach seems to. i'm not particularly fond of rim block (its something that attracts little people wondering hand i always think) so will probably try a cistern block but surely that would defeat the objective of avoiding using a bleach or chemical based loo cleaner. i might just have to revert back to good old reliable bleach i guess...saying that i don't put my ecover down the loo daily or else i would be buying a new bottle every week.

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