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Hygienic mop?

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bankholiday Thu 29-Sep-11 14:33:34

I have laminate flooring downstairs (except for the kitchen - vinyl) and don't want to risk using a steam mop, as I have no idea how the laminate was fitted. It was already installed when we bought the house.

DS is 7 months and almost crawling, and while I don't want to sterilise everything, I'm thinking I should clean the floors properly every few days, with a "normal" mop I'm not sure this is possible. I don't use bleach, I can't stand the fumes, and he also has eczema so I avoid it.

Any suggestions? TIA

maybunny Thu 29-Sep-11 22:03:37

I use an e-cloth mop - it cleans with just water, like their other products. I got it in home base for about 25 quid and it's great. The pad velcros off the mop and you dampen it with water. Chuck it on the floor, attach the mop and off you go! You can wash it every week in the washer to keep it clean, but inbetweeners just rinse it under the tap. It swivels at the head to make hard to reach places easy to clean. Love it! I am thinking of getting a handheld Dyson tho too, as it cleans better without lots of loose crumbs etc... And can't be bothered to get the big Dyson out each time!

maybunny Thu 29-Sep-11 22:04:37

Sorry - should read inbetween not inbetweeners! Stupid iPad autocorrect!

bankholiday Fri 30-Sep-11 08:58:17

Thanks maybunny. Lol at inbetweeners smile

I've looked at the e-cloth mop and I think I'll give it a go, it's 20 quid on amazon.

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