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i just want to tell you all how happy my kitchen makes me

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booyhoo Fri 23-Sep-11 20:16:00


some of you may remember me whingeing about my house a few months ago and how the shape and dimensions were all wrong, i wasn't comfortable etc.

i finally found a new house at the start of the summer and have moved in. i didn't think it was possible for 1 room to make me so happy!! yes i atually said that.

the kitchen is a the back of the house (were it should be wink) looking out onto the garden so i can see the dcs playing. it is south facing and has a massive window so i get sun and warmth all day in here. it even has space for a sofa and room to store my dcs toys meaning i can keep them out of the living room (where there are no locks on the windows). i realy do live in this room, it is so cosy and very importantly symetrical!! there are no walls at funny angles that you can't put anything against. i love my kitchen, i actually want to spend time here. i sit in the evenings in my cosy little snug, away from the street lights and the noise of cars. the heat from the sun during the day and the oven in the evening keeps it really warm.

now,i'm not saying mylife's problems have been solved but a least now i have somewere lovely to sit and think about everything. i am aware of how sad i am for being this overjoyed by a bloody kitchen but i just had to share how happy i am now. it finally feels like things are picking up after a long 3 years of shittyness. fingers crossed the new landlord doesn't decide to kick me out. grin

feel free to ignore this!

LoveInAColdClimate Fri 23-Sep-11 20:17:54

Glad you're happy with it!

purpleturtletoise Fri 23-Sep-11 20:19:37

That is really lovely. smile

I am a little bit envy that you have room for a sofa, because I have recently acquired a large kitchen, but there are 3 doors off it making it quite impractical to try and 'sit' in there. So it's not easy for others to keep me company without getting in the way. And I do like a bit of company.

ColdSancerre Fri 23-Sep-11 20:20:57

Your post really made me smile, glad you're happy!

booyhoo Fri 23-Sep-11 20:24:32

oh youhave no idea how happy the sofa has made me!! i only moved it in this week (been here almost 3 months) as i thought it would take over the kitchen but it hasn't. i feel so lucky that it has worked out the wayi hoped. i can sit on the sofa while the dcs play. or i can cook or wash dishes and still there is room for them to play. in the old house i kepthaving to run back nd forthto the living room or the garden (off the livingroom) to check on them s there was no space at allinthe kitchen. whoever built that house has never spent a week at home with small children!! grin

booyhoo Fri 23-Sep-11 20:56:54

oh yes and my dog can (as is being demonstrated right now) stretch out on the rug infront of the oven without being in my way. there is just soooo much space grin

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