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Advice wanted on how to re-vamp the bedroom

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WisteriaWoman Fri 23-Sep-11 07:03:31

I want to re-do our bedroom and want some ideas on where to start. It is quite a dark room, side window, with large mahogany furniture, sleigh bed, wooden slatted blinds, large pictures (which my husband loves and I really don't) white walls except one which is painted dark grey. Large rugs covering beige carpet to hide stains.

I'm clueless on where to start but I want the room to look cosier and more romantic. It's not helped by the fact that me and DH aren't v tidy. Would curtains be good instead of blinds?

We have a lovely house but this is the one room I don't like v much, but it's not practical to move to another room - even though I'd LOVE to.

WisteriaWoman Fri 23-Sep-11 16:15:32

Bumping in desperation !
Can anyone suggest any good websites on how to makeover a bedroom

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