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Vintage Flyers - Friday 23

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Wolfcub Fri 23-Sep-11 06:38:36

morning all

only made one bed today cos I'm going to change the other one for the visitors arriving this evening, lots of shopping, cooking and cleaning to do today.


be back later as no work today

Wolfcub Fri 23-Sep-11 09:02:03


washing up
ds fed and played with
wm loaded and on
dw on
ds taken to school

just planning my menus for the weekend (bil is a chef so it's a bit stressy) and having a coffee before I go to the supermarket. Need to let the school traffic clear first.

Wolfcub Fri 23-Sep-11 17:32:44

roulade made, lamb in the oven, dauphinoise made, shopping done and put away, house relatively clean and tidy if you don't look too close and don't go in some of the rooms.

grouchyoscar Fri 23-Sep-11 19:24:06

TFI Friday (though I may have made a mistake with wild mushrooms)

Waiting for DH to come home with the shopping, house is passable so I won't fret

Done homework with DS

Helped a mate out with housework, she just needed support with a starting point, now it's tacklable

hugs to all x

grouchyoscar Sat 24-Sep-11 13:32:29

Here's the WEEKEND wink

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