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vintage Flyers - Thursday 22

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Wolfcub Thu 22-Sep-11 06:28:54

morning all

mission I completed this one the week before last so I'm in the clear

beds made

swanriver Thu 22-Sep-11 09:25:00

Good morning! Ds1 has an Inset Day today, so we are enjoying the p & q.
Loads to catch up on today though, piano lessons (Ds2 and I) homework Ds1, fresh air, and I need to go into the school Library to show willing for an hour later on. It has re-opened hmm

I suspect I will do no housework today or tomorrow, as ds1 has physio then...and more Library work.
Supper is Stirfry.

We have discovered that ds2 is completely calm in the prescence of classical music. So we have replaced the horrors of his obsession with Superstar Racers (which him turns into into a maniac) with Mozart; New Turntable wonderful..

made bed shock
made breakfast
dts to school with relevant bits
dh's shirts in the wash

Hope new school going well Wolf

grouchyoscar Thu 22-Sep-11 12:10:10

Hello lovelies, bad girl here got distraacted but is back with it.

I have done loads, On Monday I hunted down and bought a solid wood shelf unit for the kitchen, once it is up I will pile it with the excess of jolly crockery that is filling the kitchen horizontal surfaces.

Then PTA meeting, type up minutes, take DS to Cubs, coaxing school work out of him etc etc

So, well here I am again and, well I have

Showered me and DS
Made bed
Loaded and run DW
School trudge
Light shopping. Got loads from the local £1 shop
Home, catch up, listen to The Velvet Underground

See you all soon x

Wolfcub Fri 23-Sep-11 06:38:58


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