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Dishwasher recommendations wanted please!

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CocktailQueen Wed 21-Sep-11 09:57:57

I'd like a normal size one, in white, that does a quick wash - not a huge long 1.5 hours wash every time! Quiet would be good too. Can anyone recommend one? Thanks!

SenoritaViva Wed 21-Sep-11 10:01:54

I recommend Bosch as a make, their dishwashers are really great (I know from comparing to others in rented properties etc) They are worth paying the extra for and I know they do quick washes etc.
I also recommend subscribing to Which?! for one month and seeing all their reviews, they are really helpful.

ColdSancerre Wed 21-Sep-11 10:07:25

I can do an anti-recommendation, don't get an indeshit as they don't actually clean your dishes, no matter how much salt and rinse aid you give them. I think our current one is a siemens and we're very pleased with it. It is a revelation in fact as the indeshit was my first ever dishwasher.

CocktailQueen Wed 21-Sep-11 10:09:49

sancerre grin Thanks!
Senorita - Have just looked at Bosch ones on John Lewis website and they look good. Will have a look in person...

wildstrawberryplace Wed 21-Sep-11 10:16:54

Miele. Lots of wash options including a short one and economy, and instead of having a box for cutlery it has a third ultra flat pull out tray at the top which is really neat and convenient.

Also totally indestructable...our last one is still going strong in our old house, our new one was actually second hand from a friend and still in tip top condition after 6 years.

Seona1973 Wed 21-Sep-11 13:17:41

my Bosch one has a cutlery tray at the top which frees up space in the bottom level. It is incredibly quiet - sometimes I have to double check that I have switched it on cos I cant hear it. It has a range of washes - the normal ones are quite long but you have a button to shorten the cycle (cuts it in half)or there is a quick wash cycle which is only 29 minutes (misses out the drying cycle). My last one was a hoover one and lasted for years and is still going strong at my sisters house (gave it to her when we got our new one)

lilaSchildkroete Wed 21-Sep-11 13:19:42

Another vote for Bosch.

And another vote against Indeshit. In general. Based on a washer/dryer rather than a dishwasher.

Chestnutx3 Wed 21-Sep-11 14:29:36

Bosch but you need to pay for it to be quiet, for a number of reasons we have had the use of a old but top of the range bosch, a cheap bosch and a miele all very recently. The old top of the range bosch was the quietest but the miele cleaned the best. We have kept the miele, worthwhile the investment IMO. Cheap bosch cleaned the worst by a long way and wasn't quiet - it looked the same inside as the expensive bosch but you seem to pay for less noise.

Fuzzywuzzywozabear Wed 21-Sep-11 21:29:01

We have a miele - I think it's 9 years old - never had a problem

ColdSancerre Wed 21-Sep-11 21:35:28

God yes lila I also had an indeshit washer dryer and the tumbler broke within 18 months, it wouldn't do a hot wash etc.

vonnyh Thu 22-Sep-11 16:40:31

We've got a Bosch Exxcell. It's fab.

notcitrus Thu 22-Sep-11 16:46:33

Another happy Bosch Exxcel owner. Had it 10 years and pushed it hard (no rinsing dishes before putting in, lots of pots and pans and baby crud).

Had one small bit get blocked and the helpline was fantastic, sending us a part for £10 and saying to try that before getting their engineer out.

And not Indeshit.

valiumredhead Thu 22-Sep-11 17:23:11

Miele for white goods every time. Have had my dishwasher for 8 years and still going strong.

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