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Roman blinds quotation?

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flowertop Tue 20-Sep-11 20:16:17

I have been quoted 630 pounds forvtwo roman blinds to be made and fitted. Size w60cm L112cm . Dh thinks much too xpensive. Me no idea. Can I ask anyone who makes blinds for a living wat u think? Tnks

INeedALieIn Wed 21-Sep-11 05:49:58

That is about the going rate for an interior design company. Having said that, that size would be very easy to make and fit by yourself at very little cost.

If you have a good fabric market stall or clothes alteration shop nearby they should be able to do it far more cheaply.

Unless you have chosen hugely expensive and gorgeous material...

flowertop Wed 21-Sep-11 11:49:54

Thanks INALI. The fabric is about £32 per metre - is that expensive. No way I could make myself but may look for alternative maker.

midnightexpress Wed 21-Sep-11 11:57:01

I think that sounds expensive. It might be worth trying Dunelm Mill. They do made to measure curtains and blinds for about half the price of anywhere else I've looked at. The fabrics are not great tbh, but they have a few nice things, and there's a 'platinum' range which is more expensive but nicer.

Otherwise, it might be worth seeing if you can find a local maker - do you have a clothes alterations place nearby, or perhaps ask at your local dry cleaner if they know anyone who might be able to do it?

CeliaFate Wed 21-Sep-11 12:34:15

Have a look at Dunelm mill. They quoted me for a roman blind and it was nearly half the cost of an interior design company. They have a good range of fabrics and the staff were really helpful regarding measuring properly. Haven't got ours yet, but were impressed with the store overall. They also do good deals and because our order was over a certain amount, we get £200 worth of vouchers.

OctonautsOnRepeat Wed 21-Sep-11 12:41:29

About £150-£200 of that will be going to the fitter. If they have been fitting a long time. DH has been fitting for 20 years and he charges £180 day rate for inner London, much less for out of town.

It does sound too expensive. We get our romans for about 60 each at trade price so even with a third on top for profit it would only be £380. Who gave you the quote-Hillarys? You would be better off going for a local fitter with a contact who manufactuers.

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